Try Asking This


"Can I have one bottle of Tito's Vodka"


"Order a Blue Moon twelve pack."


"Deliver an 18-pack of Bud Light."


"Bring me some beer."


"Get me a rack of PBR."

Handoff Denver alcohol delivery
Handoff Denver alcohol delivery

Know what you want to order?

Handoff is here to assist.

alcohol delivery in denver
Alcohol delivery in Denver

Want help deciding what to order?

Handoff can provide suggestions.

"What IPAs do you have?"

"Recommend a cabernet under $10."

"Recommend an IPA" 

"Can you suggest some tequila?"

"I need a nice bottle of red wine" 

"Bring me some beer" 

White Claw delivery Denver
Handoff alcohol delivery app


Handoff is here to help.

"What can I do?"




"How do I order?"