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Your Weekend Beverage Itinerary

A lineup of drinks to take your free time to the next level. Your weekend plans just got a whole lot better.

It’s the freakin’ weekend. That means it’s a damn good time to get the juices flowing. There are sports to be watched, slopes to be skied, hikes to be hiked, and drinks to be drank. Or is it drinks to be drunk? The English language can be cruel sometimes… so let’s go with drinks to be DRONK 😏

The adventure and discovery side of things is on you. But luckily, we actually have some pretty decent insight on the beverage side of things.

We put together a liquid itinerary for your weekend to accompany whatever wild wandering you get up to. Even if it’s just wandering from your bed to your couch.

Scope the dronkable drinks we’ve listed in your weekend itinerary, and take on the weekend with a can in your hand.

Friday: Chill ❄️

Chances are, you’ve had a long week. There’s a lot going on in the world, so it’s important to take some time to relax. However, you don’t want to overdo it because there’s obviously some big things in store for Saturday.

For your relaxing Friday night, we’ve decided there’s a hell of a lot less stress involved when you get a pre-batched, bottled cocktail instead of going through the process of mixing up your own. It’s messy, it’s not always easy, and more often than not you don’t figu

re out the perfect mixture until you’re already tired of drinking cocktails… Luckily, we know some people who can help you out.

For Friday Chillin’: Crafthouse Cocktails

Saturday: Action 😎

There’s nothing quite like waking up on a Saturday morning. Some days you wake up fast to get to the nearest mountain so you can strap on the planks and ski till you’re weak in the knees. Other days, your wakeup is a slow burn where all you have to do is chuck on some sweatpants and flip on the big game. Either way, you’re going to want the right Saturday sauce to accompany whatever level of adventure you’re getting into.

For The Slow Wake Up Saturday: Epic Los Locos Mexican Lager.

For more beer delivery options type “Game Day” into the Handoff app. These beers are the kind you can spill on your game day jersey and not have to wash it until after the playoffs. Nice and light to drink all day and all night 😎

For Aprés Ski Afternoons: Keep it Classic with the Odell IPA

Heavy legs deserve a heavy bevvy. Odell brewing has the hookup for you this time around.

For more options check out the Odell Variety Pack.

Saturday Night: Rally 🎉

Saturday nights are the peak of the weekend. Come this evening, it’ll be time to hike up those pants that make your butt look delectable, slap on some war paint (makeup) and lace up your dancing shoes. To aid in your prep for a rowdy Saturday night, dive into this power hour.

One sip every minute and some frosty throwback tunes:

Revelry–Late 2000s Power Hour

Easy Rally Beverage: Snowmelt Spiked Seltzer.

Ease up on your caloric intake as you sip through some late 2000s bangers. When your body feels good, so does your mind, and it’ll make the peak of your weekend that much sweeter.

If you aren’t into Snowmelt, scope some other seltzer options here

Sunday: Wind It Up to Wind it Down 😴

We’ve adapted this part of your liquid itinerary to make it nice and easy. Simply pop into the Handoff app and type in “I’m hungover” or click the “I’m hungover” button in the marketplace.

From here, you’ll find everything you might need to bring your weekend to a close.

Whatever your hair of the dog favorites are, you can effortlessly track them down in the Handoff app.

Enjoy a mimosa while you watch some Sunday sports. Slide into a Bloody Mary while you cook up some brunch.

We know drinking on Sundays can mean painful Mondays… so spend some time hydrating today, and make sure you’re spritely and ready to conquer the week! We’re not going anywhere, so you can always hit us up to kick it next weekend