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Uku Global and Handoff Present: HOWL FEST 2020

A good cold drink, live music, and locals supporting locals supporting locals is the essence of Howl Fest. If you like any of the aforementioned subjects, we have a rippin’ good time headed your way THIS FRIDAY, APRIL 24 starting at 4PM MT!

Picture this... you’re in line for a show at Red Rocks with your friends. The line is moving slowly, but you can hear the faint blare of a soundcheck coming from above. You start chatting with the fellow music-lovers surrounding you in line. The sounds coming from inside the amphitheater start to get a bit louder as the line inches forward. The anticipation fills you. You finally arrive at the entrance with the people who were strangers at first, but now seem like friends. They go in, grinning with enthusiasm, and tell you to enjoy the show as you hold out your ticket. Beep. The gatekeepers scan your ticket and you and your friends meander toward the stage. All of a sudden the sound stops, but only for a moment, like a deep breath. Then... WAHHH! You hear the sound of the guitarist striking the first chord. BANG BANG! In come the drums. You wander closer and closer to the sound. Your heart rate increases as the music slides into your ears. You find a spot amid the masses, and your body starts to sway with the beat. AHHH! The vocals come cascading through the crowd. You pause for a moment to recognize where you are. Thousands of people are hearing the same sounds at the same time...and you’re one of them. A wave of comfort washes over you. You take a deep breath and resume swaying, letting the rhythm flood your body and unite you with thousands of people. You’re at home.

Live music is the great communicator. It has the power to unite people in freedom and happiness, the power to make you cry with someone you just met, the power to heal and revitalize, and the power to inspire. Unfortunately, a lot of music venues have shut down due to these unprecedented times. Artists are trying to figure out the best ways to make ends meet by creating new ways to share their music with the world.

With this in mind, Handoff and Uku Global have been working tirelessly to bring you Howl-Fest, a live-streaming musical journey on Instagram Live with some of your favorite artists to help benefit Colorado's COVID-19 Fund via Mile High United Way! By teaming up with some incredible artists, local breweries, and local businesses, Handoff and Uku Global have created a multifaceted, virtual event to bring some love and support to the live music scene. Don’t forget to let off some steam and howl at the moon at 8pm!

Without further ado, here is the Howl Fest lineup:

Elias Hector (@elih_music) 4pm MST

A unique acoustic sound rooted in the relationship between man and nature, the reverberations of this world, ethno-blues, and folk artist will set the stage for Howl Fest.

Handoff Beverage Selection for ELIH Music: Leopold Bros Gin “South Side” Cocktail-2 oz. Leopold Bros Gin, 1 oz. lemon juice, 1 oz. simple syrup, small handful clapped mint, shake well and strain over ice, garnish w/ mint sprig

Bernadette and Friends (@plazi) 4:30pm MST

A music teacher, YouTuber, and phenomenal musician, Bernadette plays with a variety of musicians of all ages and talents. She knows the joy music can bring to people’s lives and believes everyone deserves to participate. She also goes live on Instagram at 12pm PST every day to give ukulele lessons, so if you win a Ukulele in the prize packs, she’s ready to help you learn to play!

  • Handoff Beverage Selection for Bernadette and Friends: Vanjak Colorado Vodka Spring Cooler- 2 oz. Vanjak Vodka, 1 oz. lime juice, 1-½ oz. cranberry juice, shake well, top w/ Sprite, garnish w/ Cucumber or Lime (or both!)

Paul Kimbiris (@paulalexios) 5pm MST

A folk musician with lyrically driven music, Paul Kimbiris has the ability to help you feel all of your feels. You’ll find yourself really, truly listening to this music. Paul Kimbiris will inspire you to tell childhood stories, hug your mom, drink a bottle of whiskey, and write your own poetry all at the same time.

  • Handoff Beverage Selection for Paul Kimbiris: TINCUP Whiskey Old Fashioned- 2 oz. TINCUP Whiskey, ½ oz Simple syrup, 2 dashes Angostura or orange bitters, add one large ice cube, stir until cold, add orange twist (squeeze a couple drops of orange into the drink, and garnish with the orange peel)

Abby Lyons (@helloabbylyons) 5:30pm MST

Creating music inspired by some of our generation’s greats, Abby is known for her unique fusion of pop and folk music, mellow sound, and simple yet elegant lyrics.

ZEMBU (@zembumusic) 6pm MST

An Indie-pop electronic producer and musician from Fort Collins, ZEMBU’s soothing voice, reflective lyrics, and graceful instrumentals cascade into a fusion of sound to evoke nostalgia and comfort.

  • Handoff Beverage Selection for ZEMBU: Punching Mule Canned Moscow Mule

Celestine Music (@celestine.music ) 6:30pm MST

An indie-electronic singer/songwriter based in Colorado, Celestine is reminiscent of greats like Lana Del Rey and Lorde. The rhythmic bounce and raw lyrical storytelling embedded in her songs frees your body to move just as much as it inspires you to reflect on your existence.

Augustus (@augustusband) 7pm MST

This genre-bending, stomp-and-clap band has been a major player in the Colorado music scene over the past few years. The unpredictable power of their live performance ability has elicited sold out shows and stoked the dormant embers from the days of legendary rock and roll.

Rob Drabkin (@robdrabkin) 7:30pm MST

Originally, Rob was studying biochemistry with the intention of becoming a doctor, but he fell in love with his musical side, and now he creates songs about the joy of life and the importance of being unapologetically yourself. His outlook on life and his ability to translate it to his indie-pop-folk sound creates nothing but positivity in his songs. Get ready to dance and be free with Rob Drabkin!

  • Handoff Beverage Selection for Rob Drabkin: Holidaily The Sixth C Grapefruit Radler

LVDY Music (@lvdy.music) 8pm MST: Some music just makes you want to wander. LVDY (pronounced LADY) is an indie-folk duo whose music is rooted in adventure and enveloped in positive vibes. Kathleen Hooper and Aubrey Mable’s voices meld together in harmonies reminiscent of Colorado sunshine and a long walk in the far reaches of the mountains.

Zach Heckendorf (@zheckendorf) 8:30 MST: This Colorado native’s fingers tickle his guitar with a gentle and seamless flow. A love of hip-hop and the influence of soul music spawned Heckendorf’s acoustically-driven music. Zach has played at Red Rocks, released a menagerie of well-rounded albums, and is ready to unwind with you at Howl Fest!

Luke Mitrani (@lukemitrani) 9pm MST

What does it take to walk on the moon? Luke Mitrani. That’s what. After a near-fatal snowboarding accident during his professional snowboarding career, Luke decided to take his passion for music and create a unique blend of folk, rock and roll, and blues, layered over house beats to create a musical reflection of his personality. Dancey and soulful, Luke Mitrani has the oomph to get you out of your chair and get those rickety knees rockin’ to the beat.

Stelth Ulvang (@stelthulvang) 9:30pm MST:

Best known as the touring member of the folk-rock band The Lumineers, Stelth Ulvang is a quirky and brilliant musician. Based on his habit of performing barefoot and being an avid traveler, he was nicknamed the “Barefoot Wanderer.” He mainly plays the piano and guitar, but is also well-versed in the flute and accordion as well as fourteen other instruments. Stelth Ulvang is the pinnacle of what live music is meant to be: an absurdly talented musician with the flare to draw you into his performance just as much as his music.

How this thing is gonna work:

Tune into the @howl_fest Instagram page. The live stream will begin at 4pm MST on Friday, April 24th. Listen to some phenomenal music. Dance. Drink. Be merry. You will have the chance to donate to Colorado’s COVID-19 Fund through The Howl Fest GoFundMe Page. Based on the amount you donate, you will be eligible to win some truly awesome giveaway packs donated by the official event sponsors.

Luke Mitrani makin' it look easy

Behind the Curtain: Howl-Fest’s Killer Sponsors

Lems Shoes: A company out of Boulder, CO that designs shoes around the anatomy of the foot with the goal of allowing your feet to be just as nature intended.

REVEL GEAR: Camping off-grid can get dark, so REVEL GEAR created solar powered camping lights for people to enjoy the luxury of light while they are deep in nature and having fun!

Wise Bar: A Colorado company who creates CBD energy bars. Delicious, healthy, and packaged in a compostable wrapper, Wise Bars are great for anyone who cares about what they put into their body and what they put back into the Earth.

Infinite Monkey Theorem: An urban winery in Denver’s RiNo district who focus on creating order out of chaos. Infinite Monkey has taken wine culture as we know it, and transformed it into a unique and casual experience for everyone who walks through their doors.

Ratio Beerworks: A Denver favorite, Ratio Beerworks was born out of the music scene. These guys have the perfect beer selection for a live music event!

Jiberish: A Denver outdoor clothing company focused on quality, relevance, and style. Jiberish has created bold and unique styles that have spread from the realm of outdoor sports to a much larger audience through their originality, attention to detail, and craftsmanship.

Do303: Your local news outlet for everything Colorado! All the news you want to see, hear, read, watch, etc. is covered by Do303! Check them out and find the best ways to #DoStuffAtHome.

Uku Global: The sound of a ukulele can spread happiness and create community. Uku Global was founded with the intention of doing just that. 5% of all Uku global profits are donated to support sustainable music, education initiatives, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder programs, and impoverished peoples.

Handoff: You know us. Waddup?


Donate $25 for a chance to win:

$100 in Wise Bars, Uku Global Camping Mug, Koozies

Donate $50 for a chance to win:

Revel Gear Lights Package, NOMad Soprano Ukulele, Camping Mug, Koozies

Donate $100 for a chance to win:

Jiberish Apparel Pack, Wanderer Soprano Ukulele, Tuner, Uke Bag, Camping Mug, Koozies

Donate $150 for a chance to win:

Ratio All-In Gear Package, Vacationer Concert Ukulele, Tuner, Uke Bag, Camping Mug

Donate $200 for a chance to win:

Lems $100 Gift Card, Kono Concert Ukulele, Ukulele Beginners Guide, Tuner, Uke Bag, Koozies

"The vision is to virtually bring together a community of like-minded artists, individuals, brands and local businesses for an evening of charitable music and libations! Growing Colorado’s COVID-19 Fund through Mile High United Way seems like a good reason to dance. A million thank-yous go out to Uku Global and all of our sponsors for making this thing happen!"

It might not be Red Rocks, but it’s live music from the minds, bodies, and souls of extremely talented musicians. After all, live music is the great communicator, so where that communication comes from shouldn’t matter. It’s about finding each other through music even though we can’t be together physically. It’s about taking some time to decompress, have a beverage or two on a Friday night, and letting your body move to the music. It’s about the artists who might not be getting a chance to reach an audience right now. It’s about supporting the continued joy of music and togetherness. It’s about you. It’s about me. It’s about us… so sign in, donate, tell your friends and family, lace up your dancing shoes, and get ready for a night of celebration!

One more time for good measure:

  1. Follow along on the artist's Instagram streams and tune in for the live sets starting at 4pm MST on Friday the 24th.

  2. Open the Howl Fest GoFundMe page here: Howl Fest GoFundMe Page.

  3. DONATE for a chance to win some sweet prize packages!

  4. Enjoy some awesome live music with your family and friends!

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