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A New Secret Weapon for Throwing the Ultimate Watch Party

How Handoff can help you and your friends put together a watch party that will rival actually going to the game.

Picture this: You’re scrolling through Instagram during your second lunch break of the day and trying to weed through the fake news memes and whatever it is ‘real’ news outlets do these days. You’re just hoping for something exciting and new to happen. And then on your second full mile of IG scrolling (which translates to roughly one full marathon in thumb miles), you come across a Sports Center post from the 2019 Super Bowl and it hits you like a rambunctious, blind pigeon on a 10th-floor office building window….. FOOTBALL IS BACK THIS WEEKEND!!!

Now, that’s something to get excited about. But are you going to just microwave some popcorn and watch your team play the first half while you fade in and out of sleep for the second? Absolutely not. While Labor Day is the unofficial, official weekend to mark the end of summer, there’s plenty more to look forward to. Football lasts an entire season, and while all the major sports leagues are finagling ways to keep athletes on the ice, field, court, etc. it means you have a golden opportunity to take the day-to-day pandemic lifestyle and shake it right on up.

A smirk spreads across your face, and you take a walk to the fridge to check what kind of goods you have on deck. There are carrots and hummus, and some frozen chicken wings to cook up alongside some homemade beef nachos...if you can find the time. Sounds like you might be in business, so you fire up the old group chat.

“Waddup y’all? Whos tryna come thru for the game this afternoon? I’ll get the booze.”

And Immediately everyone responds with football gifs and party emojis. GAME ON! Got to start cheffin’ up some snacks and fluffing up the cushions on the best couch spots.

Around 6:30, all your people start streaming through the door decked out in Peyton Manning and Von Miller Jerseys… except your friend Ted who insists on wearing his Patriots jersey to every sporting event. Fricken Ted, man... Gotta stop inviting that guy to stuff. (Disclaimer: the reference to Broncos players 100000% indicates our personal bias, but we also encourage representing your team because that’s what makes football fun). Time for some football.

But you go back to the fridge and realize…

“Great leaping tuna, Batman! I forgot to get the beer, and I only have enough leftover for one drink per person.”

(Sidenote: If you’ve ever used the phrase “Great leaping tuna, Batman!” we definitely want to hang out)

But Becky is gluten-free and Jared thinks “anything that’s not a Ska Brewing IPA is for trash people.” Whatever, man… his opinion. Then more requests come flowing in… Susan and Alesha both want to drink white wine, but Jenny on the block prefers a nice floral red. Jimmy needs something light because he’s driving later, and Julio is only interested in slamming PBR tallboys. What. A. Nightmare.

💥 Enter Handoff 💥

The ultimate secret weapon for every watch party. We really should be invited to every variety of party... It’s as easy as downloading the Handoff app or scoping the Weekly Handoff and placing an order to suit everybody’s needs. Handoff alcohol delivery for your watch party is about as clutch as that one time Tim Tebow closed his eyes and hucked a Hail Mary for a touchdown in the playoffs all those years ago.

Since you have an hour until kickoff, everybody has enough time to have that one drink and catch up before your Handoff order conveniently shows up at exactly the right time. Before you know it, Becky has a four-pack of gluten-free beer from Holidaily. Jared’s got his hand wrapped around an ice-cold Modus Mandarina IPA from Ska Brewing (thank god). Susan and Alesha are giggling over a glass of Line 39 Sauvignon Blanc, while Jenny’s sassy-sippin’ her True Myth Cabernet Sauvignon a little quicker than you would have anticipated. Jimmy has his Oskar Blues Mama's Little Yella Pils and a glass of water (cheers to being a responsible drinker, Jimmy)... and Julio is sizing up his PBR Tallboy before he goes buck wild for the home team. Ted isn’t allowed to drink because he showed up wearing the wrong jersey… And of course, you have to get your favorite Breckenridge Distillery Bourbon because throwing a party for your friends means you deserve a couple stiff ones.

When it comes down to crunch time, there’s no better way to get the party off to a rockin’ start than with Handoff. If your friends aren’t sure what to drink, have them take a run through the beer pairing quiz. If you want something new, ask for some great local recommendations. If you can’t remember what you got last time, but you want it again, check your previous orders. Want some juicy cocktails? Try the Backyard Cocktail Kits from Backyard Soda Co. and Ironton Distillery. Basically, we have everything you could possibly need... Place an order and put a little extra hustle into making snacks for all your ridiculous friends so the watch party can hit a whole new level. Having an extra hour on your hands is never a bad deal.

Zooming out… empty seats in the stadiums might affect your team differently than ever before, but one thing is for sure… if you put a little effort into it, you can have a watch party that will rival actually going to the game. So... as long as you have Handoff, you can always have the ultimate watch party 😎

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