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New Drinks On the Block

The alcohol industry is always challenging itself in all kinds of new ways. Here are the hot new products companies are creating in hopes of changing the game.

Ever heard the phrase “history repeats itself?” Well… if it’s true, we’re right on the cusp of the modern-age “roaring twenties.” Get Stoked!

If you’re old enough to remember prohibition… we’re sorry if using Handoff is a bit too complicated. But also, prohibition resulted in some of the most innovative underground (but unfortunately illegal) adaptations to keep the booze industry fresh and exciting. While we might not be waiting for moonshiners at the entrance of a speakeasy and wearing high-waisted suits and feather boas (which are officially back in fashion thanks to Harry Styles), we are still waiting for the new age of alcohol delivery… and now it’s a lot less dangerous because no one’s breaking the law.

There’s plenty of new, innovative, exciting things happening in the alcohol industry all the time, so we thought we’d put together a list of our favorite drinks in some of the hot new categories. These are the drinks that’ll have you saying “Wow, that’s refreshing,” before you even have your first sip. Newer isn’t always better, but it’s great that the alcohol industry is always innovating new ways for us to sip a little differently.

There’s always something to discover. We just want to help you discover the new drinks on the block.

If you’re planning on knocking a few back this weekend, or this week for that matter, it’s never a bad idea to discover something new, something raw, something that might be as fresh as a non-violent Tarantino movie. Don’t worry, this list can be your guide to all the hot new bottles, cans and everything in between that you might want to introduce to your mouth.

Open your mind. Open your mouth:

New Seltzers

Snowmelt Expansion Pack –– Not an official name, but Upslope added some new flavors to their lineup of Snowmelt Spiked Seltzers.

Cacti Spiked Seltzer –– Travis Scott is in full-on SICKO MODE with these game-changing agave spiked seltzers.

White Claw 24 Pack –– The only seltzer in 24 packs. The seltzer bulk option is finally here.

Hard Tea: AAAAAfternoon Delight 🎵

PBR Hard Tea –– Blue Ribbon hard tea. No need for sugar cubes in these bad boys.

Truly Iced Tea Seltzer Mixed Pack –– These hard seltzer big dogs are still pushing to overtake White Claw…. This seems like a step in the right direction.

Handoff Takeaway: Seltzers really are the new big thing. And they continue to get more innovative and exciting… watch out @beer. The seltzers are comin’ for ya.

Canned/Bottled Cocktails: The Key To Simplicity 🔑

Slalom Fox Cocktails –– Do you do activities? Well… afterwards, you should have one of these because a cold beer sometimes just doesn’t cut it.

Crafthouse Cocktails –– The purest bottled cocktail on the market. Created by a bartending world champ, these cocktails are bound for glory.

Candid Cocktails –– Keepin’ it real. These are as fresh as a home cooked meal. They’re kind of a big deal.

Handoff Takeaway: Why shake up a complicated cocktail when you can just open one up instead? Creativity isn’t going anywhere, so people will still make their own cocktails. But heavy chillin’ isn’t going anywhere either, so chances are that canned cocktails are here to stay.

Hard Coffee

PBR Hard Coffee –– PBR off the top rope… again? These guys are just changing the game left and right.

Rebel Hard Coffee –– Skip the heart-stopping vodka redbull… once you knock back one of these, there’s no going back.

Cafe Agave Spiked Cold Brew –– A whole new meaning to the word ‘nitro,’ the high alcohol content spiking a bold, cold cuppa joe is everything you’ve ever needed.

Handoff Takeaway: This is going to be the tastier way to kick off an evening out on the town. An electrifying beverage to up your energy… that actually tastes good? I mean… these drinks are en route to putting 4loko out of business.

Hard Kombucha: Hardly Healthy or Healthily Hard?

Jiant –– Spelling to confuse anyone. Booze to enthuse anyone.

Juneshine –– Like moonshine, but it doesn’t burn a hole in your throat.

Allkind –– All kinds of tasty, and all kinds of kindness.

Handoff Takeaway: People are seeming more inclined to drink anything that might seem ‘more healthy’ than standard booze. Hard Kombucha definitely hits the nail on the head with that one.

Companies are infusing anything and everything with booze these days. It won’t be long now until we see boozy avocado oil hitting the shelves… but chances are we’re all going to try it even though it sounds kind of gnarly. Long story short, the industry is always changing, and we love to see new ideas taking off.

If you know of any innovative new drink varieties we may have missed, email cheers@handofftech.com with all the delectable new liquid treats we need to tuck into our innards.