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One and Done: July 4th's Most Explosive Cocktail

Not the reddest, whitest, or bluest-themed cocktail there ever was... but this drink is what you need to get your holiday weekend poppin'.

This is a blog post. You’re reading this blog post. Why? Because it’s awesome. But what are you going to do when you’re done reading? Actions speak louder than words, as they say.

“...as they say.” Let’s think about that expression for a second... Who are “they?”

They” are the sayers and the doers. “As they say” is one thing, but when you hear “As they do” you know there’s some consistently cool stuff going down. Like...

  • “Rocking their stars and stripes as they do.” - Cool.

  • “Out there respecting the hell out of all people as they do.” - Cooler.

  • “Sippin’ their cocktail from Handoff and Luna Bay as they do.” - Coolest.

What we’re saying is this 4th of July, you should be a doer. Look cool, act right, drink fireworks… as YOU do. You can start by stirrin’ up the magic cocktail below, but first, let us introduce you to the team of doers responsible for this cocktail. You know… for inspiration.

HUGE shout out to our friends over at Luna Bay Booch Co. for creating a little extra magic for this year’s 4th of July celebration. Luna Bay is 100% women-owned and operated, and they donate 1% of total sales to environmental nonprofits.

As if that’s not enough, they’ve also created, in the opinion of the beverage experts at Handoff, the very best hard kombuchas in the game. You can order any of the Luna Bay Booch Flavors for on-demand delivery right from their website or from The Handoff App.

Luna Bay is a team of doers, as they say, and they crushed it creating this cocktail, as they do!

So, without further ado, we would like to hook you up with the ultimate cocktail for celebrating the 4th of July in style and taking the first step toward being a doer. It cools you down, winds you up, and basically creates a grand finale of fireworks in your belly.

*queue Katy Perry*

The Luna Bay Firework Paloma

🧨 5 oz. Luna Bay Grapefruit Jalepeño

🎆 2 oz. tequila (or mezcal, because where there’s fireworks, there’s smoke 💨 )

🎇 1 oz. freshly squeezed lime juice

🧊 Ice

🌶 Salt and chili powder for the rim

🌱 Rosemary sprig, ruby red grapefruit slice, and lime slice for the garnish

If you’re going to heed the call and be a doer this weekend, here’s 4 great ways to start (cuz it’s the 4th), so you can be the one friend who is substantially cooler than everyone else.

  1. Do your best not to look directly down at any fireworks

  2. Respecting your country means respecting ALL of the people within it. This is important.

  3. Eat a hot dog, damnit! You deserve it 🌭

  4. Party safe. Don’t drink and drive 🥳

Cheers to being a doer!