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How to Host Your Own Beer Olympics

The Olympic vibe is very much alive. Are you ready to compete? Here’s the inside scoop on how to bring the Olympic energy to the backyard stage. Let the games begin!

The Olympics have already been electric! Our favorite highlights so far:

  • The Aussie Swim coach going absolutely berserk over a victory from Ariarne Titmus 🏊🏻‍♀

  • One-handed table tennis player, Natalia Partayka, crushed the game 🏓

  • Lydia Jacoby became the first Alaskan swimmer EVER to win a gold medal in swimming for team USA and her hometown’s reaction was incredible 🏅

The energy is undeniable. The Olympics seem to be the only world event where we get a constant stream of good news, incredible stories, and raw competitive spirit backed by the truest sportsmanship you’ll ever see. This is what the world needs right now.

We’re feeling the Olympic vibe in a big way, so we wanted to give you a chance to compete in games of your own... It’s time to host your own Beer Olympics!

Of course, this doesn’t have to take place during the actual Olympics, so use this guide to hosting your own Beer Olympics at your leisure. First thing’s first… we’ve shifted the rules a bit so instead of representing a country, each team represents a beer instead!

What You’ll Need

  • A Phone… so you can order a TON of beer!

  • Games - suggestions below

  • Friends - you’ve gotta handle this one on your own 😉

  • A costume that matches your team’s beer of choice - costume contest anyone?

  • A place to compete

  • Some format of an Olympic Flame - And a fire extinguisher… just in case 🔥

  • Gold, Silver, and bronze medals (this could be anything... last time the Handoff Team hosted a beer Olympics, we used Bananas, Apples, and Oranges) 🏅 🥈 🥉

  • Snacks and Brunch fixins (Gotta feed the people before and during the games) 🌯


We wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t suggest the best beers for your teams. So here are 10 beers perfect for you to safely drink throughout the day. These beers are also great for designing killer costumes inspired by the branding on the cans!

  1. Coors Light - Team Coors! You and your teammate should probably wrap yourselves in tin foil 🏔

  2. White Claw - Team Claw! Please dress up as crabs 🦀

  3. Miller Lite - Team Miller! Wear all white with some barley sticking out of your mouth?

  4. PBR - Team Peeber! Red, white, and blue open up a lot of options…

  5. Modelo - Team Modelo! Good excuse to dress up as a lion 🦁

  6. Corona Light - Team Corona! Bathing suits, goggles, floaties… This way, the beach finds you! 🏖

  7. Bud Light - Team Bud! Find bald caps and paint yourselves to look like the blue man group! 🔵

  8. Busch Light - Team Busch! Wear a ghillie suit … or just dress as a bush? 🌳

  9. Natural Light - Team Natty! Polo shirt with a popped collar and an upside-down and backward visor. Think 1990s Frat Boy 😎

  10. Montucky Cold Snacks - Team Montucky! If you and your Olympic teammate wear the two-person horse costume, please send pictures 🐴


The three games on the itinerary below don’t have to be set in stone. Those are just our favorites, but there are infinite possibilities for your competition. We suggest choosing 3 events because, after a couple of beers, your competitors likely won’t want to compete in any more than that. But here’s a quick grab bag of game options, optimized for two-player teams to compete against each other.

  • Beer Pong - 10 cups away from glorious bragging rights 🍻

  • Cornhole - addition, subtraction, and a HOLE lot of action 🌽 🕳

  • Dizzy Bat -spin 5 times w/ bat to your head, chug a beer and try to hit the can. 1 point per hit. 🏏

  • Spikeball - requires real athleticism 🏐

  • Flip Cup - gotta hit the classics 🕺🏼

  • Slip n’ flip - flip cup with the added bonus of a slip n’ slide 💦

  • Boat races - drink fast or you’re a weenie ⛵️

  • Arm wrestling - Fierce face-to-face flex-off 💪🏼

  • Tug of war - A battle of determination 😤

  • Water Balloon fights - 2 on 2. You get hit twice and you’re out… and wet 🎈

  • Pushup Contest - Feelin’ strong? 🏋🏽‍♀️

  • Watermelon Eating Contest - No hands allowed. ¼ of watermelon for every participant. Maybe relay-style? 🍉

  • Three-legged race - cup in hand. A new take on an old classic 🦵🏼🦵🏼🦵🏼

Now you’re all prepped and ready to ride! Next step...

Get the Squad Together!

DM, email, or text your squad with an official Olympic invitation and itinerary. For example:

Dear friends,

On Saturday, *Date of your choosing*, you are cordially invited to participate in the Beer Olympics.

Choose a partner to create a team of two and pick a beer to represent.

I have claimed Team Coors Light, but literally, every other beer ever made is available for your team.

At 11 AM, we will begin the opening ceremonies. This includes cooking a massive brunch, ordering Handoff, and enjoying small talk and niceties before we all become fierce competitors and challenge each other physically, mentally, and emotionally on the grand stage of the Beer Olympics.

As soon as the Handoff order arrives with each team’s beer of choice, we will commence the opening ceremony. Instead of flags, we will bear our team beer, and each team’s beer-bearer will set the games in motion by shotgunning their team beer. We will also light something on fire because it’s not the Olympics without an Olympic flame.

From here we will compete in games of skill, knowledge, athleticism, and of course… BEER!

I’ll see you all at my house this Saturday. Dress to match your team beer, and bring nothing but the desire to crush your opponent, and win gold!

The squad is on the way. You’re shivering with anticipation. Now pretend you’re a guillotine… it’s time to execute!

Your Olympic Itinerary

The games listed below do not necessarily need to be the games you play, but trust us when we say… These are the best games. Also, make sure you’re properly equipped. Having two setups for most of these games enables your games to run smoothly and efficiently, especially if you have a lot of teams competing!

10:30-11:00 AM: Athletes will arrive, wearing whatever they can find to match their chosen beer!

11:00 AM: Submit a Handoff order with all team beers. And eat a big brunch before a big competition.

12:00 PM: Beer parade up and down the street, back to the Olympic grounds where the games will officially begin with one member of each team shotgunning their team beer. And we’ll light something on fire 🔥

12:15-1:15 PM: Everyone competes in corn hole. (Two sets of cornhole are suggested). 🌽 🕳

1:15-1:30 PM: Hydration Domination!!!! That’s code for water break 🚰

1:30-2:30 PM: Compete in beer pong. (Two tables suggested) 🍻

2:30-2:45 PM: Hydration Domination!!! Stay responsible.

2:45-3:45: Compete in DIZZY BAT 🏏

3:45-4:00 PM: Hydration Domination!!! Maybe have a few boat races with water to keep the competitive spirit chugging along???

4:00-5:00 PM: Medal Ceremonies: Teams who finish in the top three positions will win medals for their accomplishments in each beer sport. This is a great time to yell “SPEEEEECH!” to your friends who win gold medals. This is also a great time to mix in another water before the closing ceremonies.

NOTE: If everyone shows up in killer costumes, as suggested, there’s an easy opportunity to add a medal ceremony for best costume.

5:00 PM- WHENEVER: We close the games with a ceremonial game of Rage Cage/Stack Cup/Slap Cup where EVERYONE plays at once, uniting beers, teams, and hearts to finally become friends again, and shake hands after a day of fierce competition.

The possibilities are endless! There’s a helluva lot of fun to be had, y’all! It’s really just a matter of copy/pasting this blog post into incremental emails or texts to your squad and you’ll be an Olympian by the time the weekend rolls around! Have a rippin’ good time, and make sure not to skip your water breaks. Hydration is key to staying in the game long enough to win gold in any event. Let the games begin!