• devops098

How to Forget About Work and Win the Weekend

It’s Labor Day Weekend! Here’s some advice on how you can take your long weekend to new heights and bring your brain back to functionality.

We know you’re going insane (because we are too), so let’s strategize about how this weekend can pull us out of a rut. Monday isn’t Monday this week. Monday is Sunday, which means Tuesday is Monday, which means tomorrow is yesterday and your birthday is Christmas. Did you follow that? It doesn’t matter. What matters is how you can use this long weekend to mentally exit anything and everything having to do with work. To get you groovin’ we created a generalized step-by-step plan to help rebuild your mind, body, and soul and reward yourself for your hard work.

Step 1: Stop thinking about work

You know when you go in for a handshake while the other person goes for a knuckle bump and it turns into this awkward game of finger-based tiddlywinks? You know how you can never stop thinking about that moment? That analogy directly translates to the way we think about work. There’s always something work-related that we end up thinking about as it plays on a loop in our heads.

Whether it’s regretting how you signed an email with “sincerely” instead of “kind regards” or accidentally sent a new coworker your social security number instead of your phone number... it’s always something. The good news is you can flip your phone into airplane mode for the weekend (aside from ordering Handoff), and opt-out of the “awkward handshake” thought loop. The next step is to make sure you have something else to think about instead...

Step 2: Plan something

You could have a mask-themed Kentucky Derby party, go camping before the weather starts to turn, whip out your Avs jersey for game 7 against the Stars, or maybe try to knock out all eight Harry Potter movies in one sitting. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s far enough removed from work to bring a little weekend anticipation into your thought process. Also, we want to remind you that working from home is different from actually socializing. I made the mistake of attending a social gathering without pants on… didn’t notice at first, but then I found myself living in my 1st-grade nightmare. It’s a good idea to wear pants, but depending on the people you hang out with, it might be more optional than I recognize. Once you have pants on (or not), you’ll need something to drink...

Step 3: Order some booze

Naturally, if you have three or four days off, it makes sense to order a bucket full of liquid love for you and your people. Conveniently, we happen to be an alcohol delivery company, so we’re happy to toss you an assist on this one. Since you spend so much time working hard, use the promo code “PLAYHARD” at checkout for free delivery through Monday. Also, check out the Weekly Handoff selections in the recommendations tab of the mobile app. The fruits of your labor can be one of these delicious, hand-selected beverages:


Oskar Blues Mama's Little Yella Pils $9.99, 6-pack

Crooked Stave IPA $11.00, 6-pack

Ska Brewing Modus Mandarina IPA $11.99, 6-pack


True Myth Cabernet Sauvignon $19.99, 750 ml

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Apothic Rosé $9.99, 750 ml


Breckenridge Distillery Bourbon $39.99, 750 ml

Peach Street Jackalope Gin $54.99, 750 ml

Locke and Co. Aspen Aged Rye $65.99, 750 ml

Step 4: Design a playlist for your weekend activity

Obviously you’re going to need some killer tunes to keep you stoked for the weekend. We highly suggest building playlists on company time this Friday… don’t tell your boss. If you missed our guide to building the perfect party playlist, click here. If you didn’t miss it, you know what to do. However, that is specifically for building a party playlist…. So if you’re camping, road-trippin’ or spending your days at the poolside, you may want to build something more shuffleable. For inspiration check out these two playlists:

  1. When Ya Cruise, Ya Cruise

  2. Sour Patch Watermelon

These playlists are built to last. New tunes, classics, and everything in between to get you stoked about whatever you’ve planned for the long weekend. Now you’re ready to roll...

Step 5: Get after it!

This step-by-step process has basically just been us urging you to drop all work thoughts and do something good for yourself. That said, it’s becoming increasingly easy to bail on plans, so make sure you actually do whatever it is you’ve got planned. Namely, get out of the house, suck some fresh air down your gullet, and have a few drinks with your friends. There’s nothing better than a long weekend, but it’s up to you to make the best of it!

Step 6: Chill

The last move on a long weekend of fun and adventure is to take your last day of freedom to just relax. Do some yoga, bake a cake, meditate... meditation at Handoff HQ usually involves a glass of wine and a good movie 😏 Unwind, rewind, wind up, wind down… whatever kind of winding you do, be sure to allow yourself some time to take a deep breath and release stress.

Happy Labor Day Weekend, people! Cheers to no stress, a bunch of booze, and sharing your weekend with the people who matter most.