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Father's Day Fiesta

There’s nothing quite as special as cracking a cold one with your old man on Father’s Day. Here’s a list of the perfect local Father’s Day drinks and classic activities to help you celebrate.

Sunday is Father’s Day. To properly celebrate the fathers and father figures in our lives we need the perfect beverage. Below, you’ll find a list of select drinks within the right category (or should I say “DADegory” haha) to take the smile on Dad’s face and make it stick.

We’ve included a Father’s Day tab in the Handoff app to broaden the hunt if the options below don’t tickle your fancy! Click the “Father’s Day” button under the Recommendations Tab on the home page and order up the optimal beverages to make your Dad’s Day extra fatherly.


Light Beer

For the Dad who’s always ready for “one more.”

Cervecería Colorado ¡Venga! Mexican Lager

$9.99, 6-Pack, 5% ABV

There’s a handful of dads out there who are always asking “who’s ready for another?” If that’s your dad, this lager from Cervecería Colorado goes down easy, so the next round is always imminent. Not to mention, it pairs perfectly with a healthy dose of sunshine.

Activity Suggestion for the “delete and repeat” Dad: Golf. The hardest sport on

the planet is easier and more fun with the right beer.



For the Dad who likes a little more “oomph.”

Good River Class V IPA

$10.99, 6-pack, 8.3% ABV

After a long day of yard work with your Dad, this double IPA from Good River Beer will be perfect to wind down your Father’s Day. Before you shower off the sweat and dirt, crack a cold Class V on the porch. It’s a great option before dinner or to give your Dad the energy kick he needs to toss around the football.

Activity Suggestion for the Father’s Day wind down: Some kind of sport. Whatever your Dad’s into, the Class V will set the casual sporting in motion.



For the steady-sippin, cigar-smoking Dad.

Bear Creek Distillery Rye Whiskey

$45.99, 750 ml bottle, 45% ABV

This rye whiskey from Bear Creek Distillery will have your dad telling wild stories from his youth. It makes a great Old Fashioned and perfectly follows the steak dinner you’re grilling for your old man. Make sure you sneak him a little bit of salad to keep that cholesterol in check!

Activity Suggestion for post-dinner whiskey: Backyard fire. If you haven’t gotten him a gift yet, a fire pit might be the ticket.



For the Dad with the jokes to make you slap your forehead.

Louis Latour Marsannay Rouge Pinot Noir

$28.99, 750 ml bottle, 13% ABV

The flow of ridiculous humor is just as important as the flow of wine. Why not link the two together and get your Dad a bottle of red to make him more ridiculous with every sip? Louis Latour can hook up the humor with this bottle of pinot noir. Your forehead will end up as red as the wine itself from the amplified outburst of “Dad jokes.”

Activity Suggestion for laughing with/at your Dad: Kickin’ back on the patio with a charcuterie board.


Father’s Day Cocktail

For the Dad who likes a little extra love in his drink.

Dad’s Dessert

2 oz. Woody Creek Distillers Vodka

3 oz. Weller Tangerine CBD Sparkling Water

1 oz. simple syrup

1 small dash vanilla extract

Stir and strain over new ice

Top with whipped cream

If your dad has a history as a bartender, even if it's just making up cocktails in his own kitchen, he’s going to love this cocktail. “Hey Dad! Dessert’s ready!”

Activity Suggestion for Dad’s Dessert: Mow the lawn while Dad’s sippin’ with his feet up.


Father’s Day is a holiday to celebrate the men in your life. Make the celebration a little sweeter with a few beers, a stiff cocktail, or a glass of wine. Whatever your Dad drinks, we would hate for you to miss out on Father’s Day activities to go to the liquor store. Handoff is #ForTheDads this week, so order up and make your Dad’s Day celebration one for the books!