• devops098

Drinks For the Cool Down

It’s hot… like real hot. “How hot is it?” It’s so hot… It is SO hot that I burned my tongue on a cup of coffee I haven’t even poured yet. July has thrown us the perfect excuse to sit in front of the fan and drink beer in nothing but underwear. THAT’s hot…. Hot enough to create the perfect list of beverages to help you cool down. Each beverage on this list is easily accessible and readily available in the “Summer is Here” tab on the home page of the Handoff app. Order up and cool down!

Local Hard Seltzers

As I may have mentioned above, it’s hot, but guess what? There’s a secret way to fix the weather…. Drink about it! Hard seltzers are an easy go-to for combatting the heat. Roll a full one on your neck while you drink another. You’re too hot now, but after a sip of the right seltzer, you’ll be ok again.

Seltzer Song Selection: Be OK Again by What So Not and Daniel Jones

Bootstrap Brewing Sparkalicious Seltzer

$18.49, 12 PK, 5% ABV

“How cold is it?” It’s so cold… It is SO cold that you could get lost in the desert, crack one and get frostbite. Made with real juice, a Sparkalicious will satisfy fruity cravings on a hot summer day, and maybe even cool you down long enough to cook dinner over a hot stove.

IG: @bootstrapbrewing

Upslope Spiked Snowmelt

$16.99, 12 PK, 5% ABV

“How cold is it?” It’s so cold… It is SO cold that the cubes in your ice tray will latch onto the can and call it ‘mama.’ Even just the word ‘Snowmelt’ cools you down. It makes sense to take some of this all-natural Rocky Mountain runoff and either drink it or pour it on your head… both

options work.

IG: @upslope

Hazy IPAs

In the words of the late, great Jimi Hendrix, “Hazy days just don’t seem the same. Actin’ funny, and I don’t know why. Excuse me while I kiss the sky.” The days may be hazy, but instead of kissing the sky, maybe you could kiss one of these ice cold Hazy IPAs.

Hazy Song Selection: Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix

New Image Brewing Coriolis Effect

$12.99, 6 PK, 6.5% ABV

“How cold is it?” It’s so cold… It is SO cold that you can put it in a glacial lake… and the lake will shiver. This refreshingly smooth Hazy will take your bodily sweat factory and turn it into an ice machine.

IG: @nibrewing

Silver Moon Brewing Simon Says

$10.49, 6 PK, 7.6% ABV

“How cold is it?” It’s so cold… It is SO cold that when your body gets goosebumps, your goosebumps get Simon Says bumps. This hazy from Silver

Moon’s Lunar Series will have you cooled

down and chilled out like a sloth on a waterbed.

IG: @silvermoonbrewing

Low Calorie Drankz

100 calories is a hell of a lot better than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. These low-calorie beverages will take you out of the frying pan and directly into the chill zone. I guess a beach body doesn’t matter much when it’s too hot to leave the house, but it never hurts to drink a few low-calorie bevvies to keep your body happy!

Low-Calorie Song Selection: Stupid Rose by Kweku Collins

Ska Brewing Hard Seltzer

$17.99, 12 PK, 5% ABV, 100 Calories

“How cold is it?” It’s so cold… It is SO cold that this drink is the only recorded thing on the planet with an Antarctic passport. And they have the same amount of calories as a banana and a half. Riddle me this: would you prefer to A) eat a banana and a half to cool down or B) drink an icy cold alcoholic beverage? If you answered A… you’re missing out.

IG: @skabrewing

Stem Ciders Rosé Apple Cider

$10.49, 6 PK, 5.5% ABV, 150 Calories

“How cold is it?” It’s so cold… It is SO cold that it looked a Yeti Cooler in the face and said “Chill, dude.” Apple Cider Rosé is a bold plot twist in the beverage industry, and yet Stem Cider has fine tuned it into one of the most refreshing things to hit your mouth since the first time you tried watermelon.

IG: @stemciders