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Drinko de Mayo: Colorado Edition

Colorado: Home to a selection of some of the best drinks to add a little locally sourced Mexican flare to your Cinco de Mayo celebration!

It’s time to get outside, crack a Mexican lager or two, whip up some tacos drenched in your favorite Colorado-made green chili, and celebrate your state alongside the Mexican influences that have inspired the most palatable beverages on the planet.

The beverage experts at Handoff whipped up a list of local drinks optimized not only to help you celebrate Cinco de Mayo, but also whatever summer 2021 has in store.

Here’s what you can do while you sip these beverages on Cinco de Mayo and beyond:

  • Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

  • Contemplate whether or not the UV index is high enough to wear sunscreen

  • Colorado Yardwork: Which roughly translates to drinking cold beer while lying in the grass

  • Beer-in-hand Spikeball (harder than you think, but worth it for the sips)

Obviously, there are endless possibilities, but let’s take it one day and a time and start by celebrating Cinco de Mayo… Colorado-style! ⛰

Happy Drinko de Mayo! Don't forget you can easily discover any or all of these drinks on Handoff.

🍺 Drinks for Preparation

(Photo courtesy: @skabrewing)

Ratio Beerworks Cityscapes Mexican Lager

For those who will be sitting on the patio while everyone else puts in the work to feed you… no shame in this game!

Ska Brewing Mexican Logger

For those of you who need to exit the workday mentality and ease into a celebration.

🍹 Cocktails for Dinner

Classic Marg

  1. 2 oz Tequila

  2. 1 ½ oz Lime Juice

  3. ½ oz Triple Sec or Cointreau

  4. ¾ oz Simple Syrup

  5. Shake and Strain into a coupe glass w/ a salted rim

  6. Garnish w/ a lime wedge

Bonus: Quadruple the recipe and chuck it in a blender with lots of ice to make frozen margs!


  1. 2 oz Tequila

  2. ¾ oz lime juice

  3. 4 oz. Grapefruit juice

  4. 1 tsp sugar

  5. Shake and Strain over ice in a highball glass

  6. Top with Sparkling water

  7. Garnish w/ an Orange slice

Bonus: Substitute the tequila for mezcal to add a suave smoky sensation to your Paloma.

Mexican Mule

  1. 1 ½ oz Tequila

  2. 1 oz Lime Juice

  3. 3 oz Ginger Beer

  4. Stir into a rocks glass

🕺🏼 Drinks for the Dance Floor

(Photo courtesy: @cerveceriacolorado)

Cervecería Colorado ¡Venga! Mexican Lager

For the hot-steppers and line dancers

Epic Los Locos Mexican Lager

For the moonwalkers and booty poppers

🥳 For Anytime, Anywhere

Any kind of tequila you can get your hands on!

Legally speaking, no one in the US can produce tequila (it’s complicated), but we have two famous frugal favorites you might want to try:

Teremana Blanco

A tequila as smooth as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s beautiful bald head

Casamigos Reposado

The most shootable shots you can shoot. Chase it with a smile 😁

Follow-up Question: Are you even famous if you don’t have your own brand of tequila?

Cinco de Mayo is also a solid indicator of good weather, good fortune, and good booze, but don’t limit yourself by only drinking these mighty Mexican beverages on May 5th. Let it ride through the summer! After all, there isn’t really anything more refreshing than a Mexican Lager in the steady sunshine ☀️ 🍻