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Creativity, Cold Ones, and Curbing Cabin Fever

Being 'stuck' is all mental, so here's a list of your activities to help you unstick yourself!

We’re pretty deep into this whole quarantine situation, and people are getting restless. You can only watch so many episodes of Ozark in a dark room before your body starts to curl up into a human cinnamon roll. The internet wormholes in which you get lost can only keep you entertained for so long before your eyeballs start to recede into your brain from too much screen time. Yet another movie marathon might be on the docket, but you find lint in your belly-button, knots in your hair, and keep fading in and out of sleep with your hand in a bag of potato chips. You haven’t shaved your legs or face in weeks and you’re starting to look like Chewbacca. We think it’s about time to shake things up, get creative, and dig into some far more satisfying activities.

At Handoff, it is our firm belief that being “stuck” is just a mentality. We compiled a list of ideas to help you unstick yourself and curb your cabin fever. Much to our delight, a lot of these activities are best enjoyed with a beverage or two… you know what to do.

Get outside! 🌲

There’s no limit to what you can do in the great outdoors. Feed yourself some fresh air and get a gander at the beauty the world has to offer. Look left… there’s a pretty little flower. Look right… is that a bird or a squirrel? Look down… feet are weird. Look up… that cloud’s shaped like a dinosaur. After being sheltered in place for a hot minute, going outside will snap you back to reality, whoop there goes gravity!

We have one of the world’s biggest playgrounds in our backyard. Hike or bike, whatever you like! Even with national parks closed, Colorado has loads of hiking and biking trails, dispersed campgrounds, and day trip adventures to help you get a healthy dose of vitamin D. Do a little research and get your sweet booty out into some neature. Don’t forget sunscreen! The Colorado sun can be ruthless. PEELING into the next outdoor activity… that’s a sunburn pun. A pun burn, if you will. Pun screen required. Ok, I’ll stop...

Scoot on over to your local park. It’s the hip and groovy thing to do right now. Everyone is going to the park. Obviously, it’s still important to keep your distance from people, so here are a few games you can play with your friends while maintaining a good 6-foot distance.

- Tennis Ball Golf: Bring a couple of your favorite clubs, a few of your favorite friends, a tennis ball, and a good amount of beverages. Pick a target and crank a couple zingers around the park! You can play as many holes as you’d like, but try not to hit any innocent bystanders. If they don’t look so innocent… make them the next hole!

- Corn hole (gloves required): If Peyton Manning can throw 70-yard bombs in gloves, you can surely toss a bean bag 20 feet without much of an issue. Omaha...Set… Corn hole!

- Throw stuff at other stuff: It seems basic but this is the fundamental principle behind pretty much every sport ever. However, there’s a fun twist to this one. If you assign rules to various targets, you and your friends can fire up a brilliant drinking game with rules tailored to your liking. Maybe you hit the closest tree with a rock… the rule for that easy toss could be “take a drink.” If you hit a rock in the distance the rule could be more complicated… like “do a random scroll through your phone contacts and call the person your finger lands on.” It’s a ‘make-it-up-as-you-go’ kind of game, but you could have just as much fun throwing stuff at other stuff without any rules.

There are plenty of things you can do outside without having to go anywhere at all! Colorado is your big backyard, but the small backyard on your property provides just as much opportunity.

- Muck around in the garden. Seeds, plants, ideas... You can plant anything as long as you’ve got good soil, water, and sun. Added creative bonus: paint the flower pots before you plant anything in them.

- Curbtails (Curbside cocktails): Fire up a theme with your neighbors and get outside for a little neighborly frolicking. Funny t-shirts, wigs, a dance party, a hopscotch competition… there’s limitless possibility. If you don’t know your neighbors, nothing brings people together like a cocktail and a reason to drink it!

- Buy yourself a kiddie pool: Not only is this a great way to cool down, but it’s also a phenomenal way to keep your beer cold. Not to mention, having a body of water, no matter how small, always brings the summer vibe to life!

Eat BIG 🍽

Everybody eats food. Why not eat with a little extra style? Make your food an event instead of a task. The most popular people are always the ones who know how to cook or the ones who bring food to the party. Be that person. It’s as easy as pie… but sometimes you have to make the pie first.

Cook something. It never hurts to broaden your skills with a skillet. That’s why they call it a SKILLet. Check out these awesome websites for some delicious recipes and inspiration to whip up a tasty feast for your quarantine crew:

The Defined Dish

Ambitious Kitchen

Half-Baked Harvest

Order a take-out smorgasbord. Sometimes cooking dinner just isn’t in the cards. You might be too busy pretending to work, too hungry to put in the effort to make a home-cooked meal, or just a little too tired. Ordering take-out from a restaurant you’ve wanted to try is the best alternative. Grab a picnic blanket and go frolic in the park for a hulk-sized snack. None of us are spending money to go out to eat or blow cash at the bars, so it’s a great time to ball out on some big eats from a local restaurant! Added bonus: drink some beers from a local brewery to give a little extra support to all of the local food and beverage businesses.

Get Learnt Up 🤓

First lesson: ‘learnt’ is not a word. You’re learning already! Whatever piques your curiosity, let it guide you to some newfound knowledge. By this time next year, you could be an expert in marsupials. What do they use those pouches for, anyway? Probably just to hold their beer... It’s a built-in koozie!

Here are a few ideas to spark your curiosity:

- Learn a new language. It’s a bit of a time commitment, but when you walk out of quarantine spouting fluent Italian, people all over are going to invite you over for cannolis

- Learn to play an instrument. There’s a bucketload of resources to learn the basics of an instrument. Speaking of buckets, maybe you could become Denver’s next bucket drumming street performer. 16th Street mall is waiting for you…

- Learn a new word every day. Handoff’s word of the day: Collywobbles. Yes, that is a real word. It refers to a weird feeling in your stomach or an overall belly ache. For example, “I accidentally ordered my chicken medium-rare, so I ended up with the collywobbles.

Do Something Nice for Someone ❤️

This is an easy one. Be a good person. Think of something nice someone has done for you and pay it forward! Get creative and do something your friends, family, or even strangers might appreciate. There’s no knowing what can come from your good deeds, but the most satisfaction is knowing that whoever you reach out to will domino into people all over the place going out of their way to just be nice.

Volunteer. If you’ve already been volunteering, tell us about it! If you need some advice on how you can give back, email the Handoff team at cheers@handofftech.com and we will throw some suggestions your way. There’s always plenty of opportunity to lend a helping hand, so get out there and give a little something back to the community that has given so much to you!

Write a letter to a friend or family member. It always feels good to give someone a genuine compliment. Whip up a letter to someone you care about and mail it to their house. Spread some love! Here are a few examples:

- “Dearest Karen, I really enjoy hearing about your cats. Please tell me more!”

- “Hey there Mike, I’m very impressed with the way you pluck your eyebrows.”

- “What’s up, Ted? I can see that you’re balding, but don’t worry! You totally pull it off.”

- Added bold bonus: Write a letter to the boy or girl you’ve been crushing on. It’ll definitely give you a leg up on the competition

Send someone a gift! Remember your friend talking about wanting a lawn bowling set? Did your dad mention something about the ‘god-forsaken lawnmower breaking again?’ Are your friends out of beer? You can be the solution.

- Get your friend a lawn-bowling set

- Surprise your dad with a new lawnmower

- Send a Handoff order to your friend's house to replenish their stock

- This weekend is Mother’s Day! Get something for your mother that says, “I love you, and here’s a thing to prove it!”

- Added bonus: Send a few Smirnoff Ices to your miscreant friends to remind them you care enough to peer pressure them from a distance

Is Netflix about to roll over into the next episode? You have 15 seconds to close your laptop and go to the park! Stuck in an internet wormhole? Unglue your face from the screen and go cook a feast! Looking like Chewbacca? Dust off your razor, shave, and hit the kiddie pool you bought for your backyard! Creativity is key to making good use of all this free time. This list should get your creative juices flowing. As far as other juices flowing, leave that to Handoff… we’ve got you covered.

If you’ve already turned a corner into creative quarantine solutions, tell us about it! Email cheers@handofftech.com and let us know what you’ve been up to! Send us pictures, videos, stories, poems, freestyle raps, Mother’s Day plans, or anything else you can dream up! We want to hear from you because, after all, love is a two-way street.

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