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3 In-Betweener Cocktails To Ease You Into Spring

A few cocktails for the transition from winter to spring that are optimized to get you solarized during the “in-between” weather.

Sprink has sprunk! Wait…

Dring has drung? Shoot….

One more time. Spring has sprung and there are drinks to be drunk!

Nailed it.

Anyway… as we ease into nicer weather, there are a few cocktails that are optimized to get you solarized. The in-between weather where you can’t tell if you want red wine at room temp or an ice-cold beer are here. Sometimes it’s just easier to hit the happy medium so you can conquer those in-between moments.

The beverage experts @handofftech recognize these in-between moments as an opportunity to absorb the sunshine while it lasts, and drink something that makes you feel sunny, even when you’re getting light flurries of snow. And of course, it’s necessary to include a song to match the vibe of each of the three cocktails on this shortlist. You always need a good tune for the first sips of any beverage.

Here’s what the beverage experts want you to discover: With these drinks, you can make spring just as sprung as you want, even before it officially arrives. Instead of beverage-related complications in the midst of moody weather, just sip an “in-betweener” cocktail suited for the days that bridge the seasonal gap between winter and spring. Without further ado, here are the in-betweener cocktails you’ll need to try along with their ideal musical match.

Aperol Spritz ☀️

The Handoff Name for this cocktail: Sprink Has Sprunk

(We couldn’t help but use that phrase for more than just a bad joke). The classic move is to garnish this sprink with an orange slice 🍊

  1. Pour a healthy amount of Prosecco into a large wine glass

The Beverage Experts suggest:

  1. Add in enough Aperol Liqueur to turn your drink a sunset color

  2. Fill the rest of your glass with soda water

  3. Add Ice

The Beverage Experts suggest:

  • Those tiny circular ice cubes you get at Sonic. Ice is better that way.

  • Regular old frozen water

🎵 Song of the Sprink: Planet X by Calimossa

Classic Michelada 🍅

The Handoff Name for this cocktail: Red Beard the Pirate

(For some reason it always gets in your beard… even if you don’t have a beard).

Basically you just pour some bloody mix in your beer. Also it helps to rim your pint glass with either Tajín or Crushed up Nacho Cheese Doritos.

  1. Fill a pint glass ¾ of the way up with light beer

The Beverage Experts suggest:

  1. Add Bloody Mary Mix

The Beverage Experts suggest:

🎵 Beats for the Beard: Palm Readers by Marlowe

Wisconsin Lunch Box 🍊

The Handoff Name for this cocktail: n/a (We won’t try to fix what ain’t broken).

Please drink responsibly. Also note that this is NOT an appropriate substitution for regular lunch.

  1. Fill a Pint glass ¾ up with Beer

The Beverage Experts Suggest:

  1. Pour in a reasonably sized splash of Orange Juice

  2. Add a shot of Amaretto

The Beverage Experts Suggest:

🎵 Lyrics for Lunch: I Don't Need a Reason by Dizzee Rascal

As Dizzee Rascal says, “Every day’s a never-ending summer season.” Take advantage and discover your favorite in-betweener. Have some more in-betweener cocktails we should try? Email your recipes to cheers@handofftech.com.

And if none of these cocktails tickle your fancy, you always have the easy option to “Be A Bartender” through the Handoff App.

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