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Black is Beautiful

A list of Colorado breweries currently involved in the “Black is Beautiful” initiative set in motion by Texas brewery, Weathered Souls Brewing Co.

Now, here’s something really powerful happening in the craft brewing industry! Weathered Souls Brewing Co. is a black-owned Texas brewery whose owner, Marcus Baskerville, organized the "Black is Beautiful" initiative. Beginning this week, breweries involved are selling a stout beer of choice with the same “Black is Beautiful” label to raise awareness about the injustices Black people and people of color face on a day-to-day basis. More than 500 breweries in 43 states (US) and 14 different countries have chosen to get involved in the initiative. Each brewery will contribute the funds they raise to support organizations with the same goal in mind: racial equality. Weathered Souls will be donating a portion of their proceeds to The Know Your Rights Campaign to help inspire the spread of education and information.

A handful of Colorado breweries have agreed to participate in this nationwide movement to unite the craft brewing industry in the fight against racism. In the wake of PRIDE month and the continuing movement toward racial equality, we wanted to highlight the breweries who are choosing to learn, helping us learn, and continuing the steady push to create real change in our community and further. To learn more, visit blackisbeautiful.beer.

Colorado Breweries involved in the Black is Beautiful initiative include, but are not limited to:

Left Hand Brewing: Longmont

On top of their participation in the “Black is Beautiful” initiative, through the end of PRIDE Month, Left Hand will be contributing 50% of it’s tasting room purchases of their Raspberry Milk Stout to the Center for Black Equity, an organization dedicated to connecting members of the Black LGBTQ+ community with info and resources to empower their fight for equity and access.

Horse & Dragon Brewery: Fort Collins

In the process of determining donation recipient(s).

Black Project Beer: Denver

Donating to Black Lives Matter 5280.

Spangalang Brewery: Denver

Donating to the Five Points non-profit Juneteenth Music Festival.

Cerebral Brewing: Denver

Donating to Black Lives Matter, Black Visions, and ACLU of Colorado.

Goldspot Brewing: Denver

Donating to ACLU of Colorado and The Southern Poverty Law Center.

Cheluna Brewing Company: Aurora

Donating to The Southern Poverty Law Center and The Equal Justice Initiative.

Dolores River Brewery: Dolores

Donation decision to be determined.

Novel Strand Brewing Company: Denver

Making a decision based on which organization or cause most resonates with their ideas and beliefs.

New Image Brewing: Arvada

Working to form a long-term partnership with a local organization to facilitate a continuous contribution to an organization in whom they believe.

Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery: Denver

Donating to one of the organizations associated with the initiative, but have not yet determined which one.

Copper Kettle Brewing Company: Denver

Have not yet decided where to donate.

WeldWerks Brewing Company: Greeley

In the process of finalizing which organization(s) will be receiving their donation.

This initiative will be spread out over the course of the next few months. Contact your favorite brewery on this list, and find out when you can head in to support the “Black is Beautiful” initiative. It will be an ongoing way to support and uplift our Black brothers and sisters in the ongoing fight against racism.

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The Audre Lorde Project: A Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Two Spirit, Trans and Gender Non-Conforming People of Color community organizing center, focusing on the New York City area. Read up on the organization’s mission and make a donation!



"America's Racial Contract is Killing Us": This article by Adam Serwer details how the Coronavirus pandemic has further exposed the imbalances in treatment of Black people and people of color in comparison to white people. The imbalance has been around for a long time, this isn’t new, but it is clear the pandemic has amplified the effects of America’s racial contract. Read up!

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