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Better Than Texting a Friend to Bring Over Drinks

Top 10 shortcuts in Handoff you didn’t know existed, but now that you do, you’ll have plenty of reason to use them.

There are some sneaky little shortcuts you can use through Handoff to get exactly what you need in any situation.


Having a party?

Trying to mess with your friends?

We have options.

Need cheap wine?

New IPA suggestions?

At home bartending ingredients?

We got you.

The list below is your guide to finding the perfect beverages for your mood and your plans. Simply type the commands below into the Handoff app!

Trust us, you’ll be cruisin’ and boozin’ with less perusin’. We want to help you out… all you have to do is ask!

⭐️ Top 10 Handoff Order Requests ⭐️

“Recommend a red wine under $20”

When to ask it: Aunty Mable is on her way over to your house for dinner. We all know Aunty Mable has a tendency to put back a bottle of wine all by herself, so it’s a great reason to shop cheap. Handoff can hook you up with some truly delicious wine for under $20… and we’ll make sure we get it delivered before Aunty Mable shows up and starts drinking that bottle of wine you’ve been saving for a special occasion!

“Wine Down Wednesday”

When to ask it: Monday=brutally long. Tuesday=terrifyingly boring. But one could argue that on Wednesday when the clock strikes noon, it’s technically the weekend because it’s the end of the week... right? So... wine not shed a little sanity on the first half of the week, let Wednesday be the beginning of the weekend, and WINE IT ON DOWN Y’ALL! 🍷

“Reorder what I got last time”

When to ask it: Imagine you ordered the perfect combination of drinks last weekend, but can’t for the life of you remember what they were. You start to retrace your steps to the point where your head starts turning around like you’re about to vomit pea soup and bring a priest over for your own exorcism. Memory can be tough, but luckily Handoff remembers everything you ordered last time. All you have to do is type in “reorder what I got last time” and we’ll make sure the exact same order is placed in your shopping cart. Welcome back to perfection! 👌

“I’m Hungover”

When to ask it: You wake up… your head’s pounding… you chug the water on your bedside table and pop a couple of Advil, but you feel the imminent pain of last night’s shenanigans setting in. You manage to open Handoff… through the pain, you can only find it in you to punch in the phrase “I’m Hungover” into the app. Have no fear! If you can manage those two words, we’ll handle the rest. Get some drinks delivered to turn that frown upside down and bring you back to life! No Sunday Scaries here 😎

“Recommend an IPA”

When to ask it: Imagine you went on a long hike or skied a killer powder day. Chances are you’ll have a bit of a drive and some truly sore legs. The soreness is a trademark of a great day, but there’s always more to explore. Use this command to discover new territory in the realm of IPAs. Order on your drive home to time it up so your beer gets there right when you do! The adventure doesn’t have to end when you finally sit down 🍻

“Election Night”

When to ask it: Keywords for Nov. 3. We’re all gonna need a drink or 10. Hope you voted 👀

“Suggest a local whiskey”

When to ask it: You keep seeing ads to “support local business” and yet, your fridge is full of domestic beers and the liquor cabinet is full of Jim Beam and Jack Daniels. Not trying to guilt-trip you here… but you know… support local business! Use this command to find some locally distilled whiskeys that’ll take your liquor cabinet from ‘meh’ to ‘Wowza!’

“Ice me” or “I want to Ice my friends”

When to ask it: Remember last weekend when you lost a bet to your friend and had to chug your beer? This is a great way to get a little revenge. If you don’t know about icing… it’s an unwritten rule that when you’re presented with a Smirnoff Ice, you have to drop to one knee and chug it. This command will give you a direct path to mess with your friends. Send them an ice and make them chug it! Tag us in any photo or video of you or your friends getting iced, and we’ll make sure everyone is put on public display on our Instagram page @handofftech. Let the games begin!

“At Home bartender”

When to ask it: Suppose there was some sort of international pandemic that arose out of nowhere and it was very poorly handled by the US Government, leaving you housebound for an indeterminable period of time. Being stuck at home seems like a cause to learn a little… and drink a little more. Find your signature cocktail as an at-home bartender. Time to get shakin’ (or stirring… but we’ll let you learn the ins and outs of bartending at your own pace). 🍹

“I’m going on a first date” or “Date Night”

When to ask it: You just locked down a Hinge date with the mysterious hottie you weren’t sure would even respond. A couple of hours before the date, you start to get the first date jitters… butterflies are zippin’ around in your gut and your head is all over the place with nervous anticipation. You’re going to need a little something to calm the nerves… and you can’t exactly do yoga before a first date. Showing up sweaty makes for a rough first impression, so just have a quick beverage instead! A little liquid confidence goes a long way… especially when you share 💏

Next time you order Handoff, try using these commands to shake up the game, find some new beverages, and bring a little love to every situation you might encounter.

Trust us, it’s better than texting a friend to bring over drinks.