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4th of July Beverages 💥

For your benefit on the Fourth of July, we created a shortlist of beverage suggestions to bring some internal fireworks to your holiday experience. Beer, wine, liquor, and backyard cocktail kits perfect for your Independence Day celebration!

The Fourth of July, as we feel we must warn ya, happens to be right around the corner. You know what you need to have a great night? Some booze to celebrate the stars and stripes. We have a great selection we think you’ll like. Oh boy, I’m rhyming… what a delight! Cocktail kits and fireworks. Wine and whiskey to make you twerk. I’m starting to sound like a bit of a jerk, so here’s some Independence Day drinks we hope will work!


Elevation Beer Co. Pilsner

With red, white and blue on the shirt on your back, you’re going to need a good brew to crack. Bred in Colorado, you’ll pour liquid gold. Or don’t pour at all, the can’s great to hold. “In beer we trust,” it reads on the can. Fireworks are better with this beer in your hand. A quick, easy beverage for you and your friends to celebrate being Americans!


Bota Box Cabernet Sauvignon

A red for the people, not white and not blue. This big box of red will serve more than just you. Raise a big glass to each of your people. Then pour up another, we all want a sequel! One glass, two glass, three glass, four. With each little sip, you’ll be asking for more! Californian wine, we’re talkin’ West coast, pour up a fifth glass and raise a toast!


Bear Creek Distillery Wheated Bourbon Whiskey

This delicious liquor ain’t all that risky if you really desire the taste of good whiskey. Brewed in purple mountain majesty, pour over rocks, one for you, one for me! With burgers and brats cookin’ quick on the grill, mix in this whiskey to add to your thrill!


Wild Basin Boozy Sparkling Water

Crafted by our friends at Oskar Blues, you’ll often drink these by the twos. A nice cold seltzer hits the spot when you know you need to drink a lot. There’s loads of flavors for you to savor, and they’re perfect for some misbehavior. Skipping out on amber waves of grain, this gluten-free drink is here

to remain.

Backyard Cocktail Kits

In collaboration with our friends at Bear Creek, not to forget Backyard Soda and Peak, we’ve been working to shake up the end of the week. A cocktail kit can arrive at your door, full of ingredients, but wait, there’s more! CBD syrup, a recipe card, some liquor and garnish great for the backyard! You might want to give the kit as a gift, and shake up some fun, you won’t be remiss. The backyard beckons, you know what to do… order a kit. Have a cocktail or two!

It Takes Two to Mango

Included in the kit:

1 - Bear Creek Silver Rum 750ml

1 - Backyard Soda Mango-Jalapeno Syrup 12.7oz

2 - Nantucket Nectar Mango Orange Nectar 12oz

1 - Nellie's Lime Juice 16oz

1 - Fresh Jalapeno

Shining Summer Sipper

Included in the kit:

1 - Bear Creek White Whiskey 750ml

1 - Backyard Soda Ginger-Lime Syrup 12.7oz

2 - ReaLemon Lemon Squeeze 2.5oz

1 - Regan's Orange Bitters 5oz

2 - Seagram's Club Soda Can

1 - Orange

There you go, #HandoffNation! Some drinks that need some real creation. Some drinks for leisure, and some for fun. The weekend only just begun. We hope your 4th of July is a celebration for the ages… but just in case, maybe order a couple cases. *mic drop*