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The Handoff Guide to Colorado Hard Seltzer

Summa summa summa tiiiime! We put together a list of local hard seltzers to bring you some new, high-quality beverage choices for the hot summer days, nights, afternoons, and mornings. Find all these delicious, low-cal, low ABV seltzers in the brand new "Local Hard Seltzer ☀️" section in the Handoff app.

(Wild Basin Boozy Water, Oskar Blues)

It’s been 80+ degrees all week here in Colorado, so we thought it might be a good idea to give you a little intel on the cool down. By cool down, we mean the most refreshing post-workout, post-nap, post-work, post-anything beverage: HARD SELTZERS. Hard seltzer has been on the come up since White Claw fell into the hands of college students all over the country last summer. Much to our delight, Colorado brands have decided to adopt the trend and create seltzers of their own. Hard seltzers are for everyone, and since you fall into the category of ‘everyone,’ we figured you might like a guide to hard seltzers from Colorado brands. Without further ado, and in no particular order… the Handoff guide to Colorado hard seltzers. Time for the cool down!

Wild Basin Boozy Water (Oskar Blues)

5% ABV

$1 from every case sold is donated to the Can'd Aid Foundation to support river and beach clean-ups around the country. It’s simple, you drink Wild Basin and you’re helping the environment. That’s cool. We like that. There’s also a wide variety of flavors to choose from including Yumberry (still don’t know what it is, but it’s delicious), Strawberry Coconut, Melon Basil, Lemon Agave Hibiscus, Cucumber Peach, Classic Lime, Blueberry Mango, and Black Raspberry. There’s a flavor for every tongue, a dollar for every environment, and multifaceted satisfaction for every sip. What’s not to love?

Upslope Snowmelt

5% ABV

Gluten-free, all-natural, and fresh off the mountain, Snowmelt is one of the most desirable hard seltzers for those aprés moments. The standard series features Juniper & Lime, Tangerine & Hops, and Pomegranate & Acai flavors. I’m tingling just thinking about it… but wait… Upslope also has an Electrolyte Series of Snowmelt. If we’re on the same page, you’re probably thinking “holy s**t. Electrolytes in alcohol? This is a dream come true.” I hope we’re on the same page. The electrolyte series features Passionfruit & Mango, Grapefruit & Hops, and Peach Lemonade flavors. Since almost all the snow has melted, there’s plenty of Upslope seltzers ready for consumption…


5% ABV

Zero sugar, gluten-free, and naturally flavored are characteristics of this hard seltzer. Rooted in the majesty of a roaring river, WHITEWATER will take you on a wild ride. Wild Berry, Mango Ginger, Pomegranate Lime, and Ruby Red Grapefruit are your raft guides, and boy do they know what they’re doing. Stroke! Stroke! Stroke! The river awaits...

Colorado Spiked Seltzer (The Heart Distillery)

5% ABV

Made with The Heart Distillery’s award-winning craft vodka, rocky mountain water, and real fruit, this seltzer will feel perfect in your hand at the end of a hike, beginning of a barbecue, or any time in between. The Key Lime, Tangerine, and Lemon flavors are similar to a lot of seltzers, but the refreshing balance of the Colorado Spiked Seltzer just hits different. Your taste palette will explode with enthusiasm and you’ll find yourself 3 seltzers in before you can say “gluten-free.” Oh yeah… it’s also gluten-free. There are too many perks to keep track of with this one!

O & A Hard Seltzer (Denver Beer Co.)

5% ABV

O & A stands for Out and About. As Coloradans, we know what being out and about can inspire. Denver Beer Co. took that inspiration and turned it into a clean and scrumptious seltzer, tailored to the unique thirst of an adventurous Coloradan. Black Cherry, Lime, Dragonfruit, and Mango are the magnetic flavors of O & A Hard Seltzer. This is the perfect seltzer for long walks and long sips.

(photo: @oahardseltzer)

Dry Dock Mysters Hard Seltzer

5% ABV

Dry Dock is in the game! If you haven’t tried one of the Mysters Hard Seltzers, you’re in for quite a treat. Sour Raspberry, Ginger Lime, Pineapple Coconut, and Apricot are the mystical flavors from Dry Dock. If you have big philosophical questions floating around in your head, crack one of these bad boys and you’ll find the answer at the bottom.

Avery Sparkle Seltzer

5% ABV

Avery’s Sparkle is “glacier-spiked,” meaning it’s made with glacial runoff and fine-tuned to perfection. There are few things that compare to the cool down of jumping in a glacial lake, but the frosty crack of an Avery Sparkle is definitely a fierce competitor. Glacier water, meet mouth. Boom. The explosive flavor and expert sippability of a Sparkle will put you in a cooled down state of relaxation and, like a glacier, your daily frustrations will melt away.

Bootstrap Brewing Sparkalicious

4.5% ABV

Looking at the Sparkalicious cans from Bootstrap Brewing is equally as satisfying as drinking them. The designs on the cans are trippy enough to make your beverage experience out of this world. The Greyhound (Grapefruit), Sunrise (Cherry and Orange), and Cosmo (Cranberry and Orange) flavors each have a unique can design, but what’s more unique is the taste. You can’t help but throw on Weezer's Island in the Sun when you start sipping a Sparkalicious. Groovy, baby!

Hopefully this list will help you branch out into some of the most magical, mysterious, and exponentially satisfying beverages you’ve ever slipped down your gullet. Seltzers are the future, people! And we must say, the future is very bright in Colorado.

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