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Sling Me a Wobbly-Pop

A list of classic and absurd nicknames for beers, and Handoff selections to match each term. Time to order up a few yang bangers!

Classics 👍


One of the highest compliments a beer can receive, calling it a frothy is a true term of endearment. The beer always responds by giving you the perfect amount of froth.

Use it in a sentence: *Whispers to beer* Hello my dear frothy. You’re looking delectable today. *sighs of relief upon the first frothy sip*

Best Frothy: Upslope Brewing Craft Lager

$16.99, 12-pack


A good term to use on a golf course, or in the company of anyone wearing an argyle sweater-vest. It also comes out naturally when you’re rockin’ some extra speedy sunglasses.

Use it in a sentence: Pass me another brewski. I can’t find the first one… must have finished it on accident 😎

Best Brewski: Epic Brewing Los Locos Mexican Lager

$10.99, 6-pack


There’s an air of sexiness to this term. Try saying it slow and you’ll know what we’re talking about. “Ssssssuuuuuuds.” Yeah... pretty saucy.

Use it in a sentence: Hey there, potential Bumble date. Wanna have a video chat where we drink suds and talk about our future together? (Warning: do not use that sentence as a pickup line. It’s got a zero in fifty chance of working… don’t need to tell you how I found that out). 💃

Best Suds: Odell Brewing Co Sippin Pretty Fruited Sour

$19.99, 12-pack

Cold Ones

Maybe the most classic of classics, cold one is a term of pure satisfaction. Cold beer and the plural of ‘one’ to imply the refreshing, multi-beer afternoon you have ahead of you.

Use it in a sentence: Cold ones. That’s all we need to say because we know you get it 🍺⛄

Best Cold One: Station 26 Juicy Banger IPA

$11.99, 6-pack

Absurdities 🥳


This term was invented by Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. It’s a pop, but a pop that makes you wobbly. (Disclaimer: the first sentence is grade A misinformation).

Use it in a sentence: Sling me another wobbly-pop, Prime Minister Trudeau. That beer won’t drink itself, bud! 🍁🍺

Best Wobbly-pop: Odell Brewing Co Good Behavior Crushable IPA

$9.99, 6-pack

Wheat Water

For those of you who enjoy more than just one. Wheat water is a slick term to throw into the mix for the Saturday day-drink you’ve been planning.

Use it in a sentence: We only need two things: more cowbell and some frothy wheat water. 🐄🔔

Best Wheat Water: Ska Brewing The Hazy IPA

$9.99, 6-pack

Dad Soda

For those of you who might want to crack a beverage while you mow the lawn. This term is for those who still rock cargo shorts and crocs. 👴

Use it in a sentence: Good thing I just ordered a bunch of dad sodas from Handoff. I’ve got chores to pretend to do today.

Best Dad Soda: Telluride Brewing Co Face Down Brown Ale

$9.99, 6-pack

Yang Bangers

Comes from Yuengling beer, but applies to everything because it’s just fun AF to say. “Yang bangers. Yang bangers. Yang Bangers…” we just can’t seem to get enough of this one. 🍺

Use it in a sentence: After a long day of work, I like to skip relaxation and dive straight into a six-pack of yang bangers.

Best Yang Banger: Boulder Beer Mojo IPA

$10.49, 6-pack

Devil’s Mouthwash

The perfect term to use in front of your mother. It implies debauchery, but she’ll think its funny. Maybe she’ll even join you for a beer...

Use it in a sentence: Hey mom! Can you order Handoff? I need some of the Devil’s Mouthwash to get my day off to a good start.

Best Devil’s Mouthwash: Avery Brewing Co White Rascal

$9.99, 6-pack


The term for those who go big or go home. Also known as a ‘tall boy,’ a pounder is usually a beer containing over 12oz of sweet boozy nectar.

Use it in a sentence: Let’s order up a few pounders and go throw some stuff at other stuff. (Disclaimer: Handoff is not responsible for any damage caused by throwing stuff).

Best Pounders: Eddyline Brewing Crank Yanker IPA

$12.99, 6-pack

Use them all at once 😂

I was on the Devil’s Mouthwash the other day, and those Suds were such Cold Ones that I decided to stick my face into another Yang Banger. To my delight, my second Wobbly-pop was a Pounder, so the Wheat Water lasted a little longer. Next time I order some Frothies from Handoff, I’ll make sure the Brewskis have all the makings of an extra fatherly Dad Soda.

Best of the Best: 4 Noses Brewing Mixed Classics Variety Pack

$22.99, 12-pack

What’s your favorite? There’s plenty of beer slang that didn’t make this list. DM us your favorite on the IG @handofftech or shoot us an email at cheers@handofftech.com and we’ll give the best submissions free delivery on your next order.