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Beer Run? Leave It To Us.

What can you accomplish while Handoff ticks off the “beer run” box on your to-do list? Here are a few options to fill the extra 60 minutes you’ll have after placing a Handoff order.

Weekend to-do lists always include a beer run. Why go to the liquor store when you could just order booze from Handoff and free up some extra time. Orders arrive in 60 minutes or less, so we created a list of some of our favorite activities to help you tick another box on your to-do list or take a load off before you launch yourself into some wiley weekend shenanigans:

Do Something Nice

Write a letter or thank you note

The power of the written word is an opportunity to say exactly what you want to say, exactly how you want to say it. A letter adds a level of personal connection to separate it from a text or an email. Maybe it's a letter to an old friend, a letter to granny to thank her for her chocolate chip cookie recipe, or a letter to a hiring manager to set you apart from the competition. Whatever letter you write, by the time you’re finished, Handoff will reward your efforts with a nice, frothy beer.

Handoff selection for a letter-writing reward: Avery Hazyish IPA

Call your mom

We can’t promise this will last less than 60 minutes. You know how moms can be on the phone. However, the wisdom you can gather from your mother or mother figure with a quick phone call is always shockingly helpful in more ways than you expect… and if your mom keeps the chatter going for more than 60 minutes, at least there will be a few cold ones on the porch to help you wrap up the conversation.

Handoff selection for a chat with mom: Leopold Bros New York Apple Whiskey

Mow your neighbor’s lawn

A quick act of kindness will help you develop friendships with your neighbors. It’s not limited to strictly lawn mowing. You could take your neighbor’s recycling bins out for the morning pickup, bake them brownies, or walk their dog. In 60 minutes, you could be enjoying a neighborly, curbside cocktail. It’s likely your friends next door will place the Handoff order next time if you do a good job with their lawn.

Handoff selection for helping the neighbors: Upslope Craft Lager

Use your brain

Write a song

It doesn’t have to be good, or musical, or meaningful, but sometimes whipping up a saucy little rhyme scheme is the perfect way to get your noggin moving at light speed. Here’s a chorus off the top of the dome:

“There’s no beer on my porch, so I wait 60 minutes.

Handoff shows up, and the weekend’s beginning.

Beers for the weekend. Oh, hell yes!

Big thanks to Handoff for relieving my stress.”

Yeah, I get it, I’m no Bob Dylan, but you get the message! When you’re done writing, Handoff will deliver the liquid confidence you need to share your song with your squad.

Handoff selection for songwriting: 10-Barrel Brewing Co. Cucumber Crush Sour

Memorize Pi

Not only is this a ridiculous party trick, but it also opens up some of the lesser-used neural pathways you have in that beautiful little dome of yours. 3.14159265359 is a good start, but you could probably lock down a good twenty digits in the time allotted. When your order shows up, you’ll have the ability to show off some random knowledge. Added bonus: it’s a solid way to impress your next Hinge date.

Handoff selection for gathering a slice of knowledge: Bootstrap Brewing Insane Rush IPA

Read a book

Find a book. Read it. Very few people actually read Catcher in the Rye in high school (Sparknotes had the hookup on that one). It could be time to circle back and really appreciate the books you were meant to read back in the day. Maybe you’re ready to read something new instead. Either way, you’ll have 60 minutes to sink yourself into a couple chapters of a good book and who knows... maybe a glass of wine will inspire you to keep reading.

Handoff selection for short term bookworms: Infinite Monkey Theorem Canned Red

Get into the Kitchen

Bake something

Coffee cake, banana bread, cookies, bread, pastries… you’ve got options, and we all know how nicely baked goods go with a quality beverage. 60 minutes later, you’ll be pulling your creation out of the oven, the doorbell will ring, and you’ll have the harmonious combination of sugary deliciousness and booze... a match made in heaven.

Handoff selection to accompany your baked goods: Holidaily Gluten-Free Buckwit Belgian

Cook Dinner for your friends or family

Sometimes it feels good to sweat it out in the kitchen. Make a big, fancy meal for your people, and in 60 minutes, when Handoff lands on your front stoop, you can feed the masses with libations and a 5-star meal. Bon Apetít, you fancy little chef!

Handoff selection to feed the masses: Upslope Snowmelt Spiked Seltzer

Prepare a cocktail

Depending on what you order from Handoff, there are plenty of complex, simple, or completely outrageous cocktails that take a bit of extra time to prepare. Slice your limes, muddle your blueberries, zest your lemons, and cook up a batch of simple syrup because in less than an hour, the most important ingredient will show up so you can add the finishing touch to your in-home bartending creation. Check out the recipe highlight on our IG @handofftech to get inspired!

Handoff selection for a good, stiff cocktail: Vanjak Colorado Vodka

Work That Body

Do a quick workout

Hustle makes muscle. Get your push-ups and squats in while you wait for your Handoff order to arrive. You’ll probably be able to squeeze in a shower before the doorbell rings, and when you’re whipping up a post-workout protein shake, maybe you can add a shot of tequila in there like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Handoff selection for post-workout rejuvenation: Oskar Blues Mama's Little Yella Pils

Stretch it out

It’s so easy to get tight while you’re sitting in front of a computer screen all day long. Hit a quick yoga flow, roll out those rock hard IT bands, and touch your toes because in 60 minutes, it’ll behoove you to be limbered up before you get liquored up.

Handoff selection for your loosey goosey legs: Cervecería Colorado Señor Piña Pineapple Blonde Ale

Do You

We definitely don’t have the foresight to know what you do behind closed doors. Maybe you’re learning to crochet, building a raised garden bed, or playing 52-card pickup. You could be learning a new song on the ukulele, trying to figure out what the clunking noise might be under the hood of your car, or crying after watching The Notebook for the second time today. However you choose to spend your extra time, DO YOU, and in 60 minutes or less you’ll be kicking back with a perfect beverage for whatever you’ve got going on.

Handoff selection for gettin’ down witchya bad self: Any beer from Good River Beer

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