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Be a Bartender

There comes a time for everyone when you might need to bust out your shaker and whip together a few cocktails. It’s not always easy… or at least it hasn’t been until now! Discover your bartending skills in the Handoff App.

Some people are born into the game, others create it. You may not have been born into being a bartender, but does that mean you can’t bartend? Absolutely not. Cheffin’ up cocktails is just a matter of practice, patience, and developing your palette. Once you know… you know.

There’s a function in the Handoff app specifically designed to help you take those first steps. There are a few easy ways to sink in and discover the skills you have. In no time at all, you’ll be juggling flaming shots of 151 while you listen to Van Halen and cook up some tasty cocktails for your friends and family. It’s this easy:

  1. Type “Be a Bartender” into the textbox at the bottom of your screen, or select the “Be a Bartender” button under the “Things to try” tab in the marketplace.

  2. Choose the cocktail you want to put together. (We’ll go over the options in a moment).

  3. Have a look at the recipe that pops up.

  4. Select your ideal ingredients from a sizable catalog of options. Click next each time you add an ingredient to your cart.

  5. Once all your ingredients are in your cart, smash that “Checkout” button, and you’re already halfway to being the next big cocktail chef!

Googling cocktail recipes is cool, but it seems like the top options are always these 45-step fancy-shmancy cocktails that don’t necessarily “Respect the classics, man!”

Isn’t it so much easier to jump into the Handoff app you’re already using to get booze, and snatch a cocktail recipe at the same time? Not to mention, the super-streamlined process to discover and order all of the necessary ingredients is just the icing on the cake.

In the Handoff app, there are 7 classic cocktails to choose from.

Fair warning: some are much easier to perfect than others, so you’ll just have to try making all of them before you discover your specialty. That said, we would love it if you snapped some photos or videos of your newfound bartending skills and sent them to cheers@handofftech.com or slid into our DMs @handofftech.

Anyway, here are your cocktail options along with a great time to drink each. For the recipes and extra details, you’ll just have to open the Handoff app and have yourself a virtual beverage adventure.


Winter, spring, summer, or fall… There's no bad time for a homemade marg. Fair warning: make sure you don’t have any small cuts on your hands before you get busy with the limes 👀

Go-to Marg Sauce: Casamigos Blanco Tequila

Tequila Sunrise

Sunrise is in the name for a reason… It’s the drink you drink after either staying out all night until the sun starts to rise, or when you wake up fresh as hell in the morning and just have a hankering for a tequila-based breakfast. Either way, making it yourself definitely adds a little “ooh” to your “ahh.”

Sunrise Succulence: Espolón Blanco

Vodka Soda

We’ve been on the hunt for the perfect combo to make this drink. It seems simple, but it’s a lot harder than we expected. Flavored soda water? What kind of vodka? There’s infinite discoveries to be made, and as you get better at bartending, you can always add ingredients of your own to give it a bit of personal touch.

The Bad Cop to Your Soda Pop: Tito's Vodka

Moscow Mule

Is it called a Mule because it’s got a little kick? Or because “Moscow Ass” doesn’t have the same ring to it? That’s not for us to say… but if you tweak the ingredients a bit and invent the “Moscow Ass,” we would love to give it a shot.

Improve Your Ass With: Breckenridge Vodka

Gin and Tonic

All you have to do is find balance… which is easier said than done. Too much gin will make you spin. Too much tonic will make you vomit. The perfect in-between? You’ll just have to run a few trials before you discover perfection. Pro tip: garnish with a lemon instead of a lime. It’ll change your life.

The Yin to Your Yang: Leopold Bros American Small Batch Gin

Rum and Coke

Sugar. Yes, please. Have you ever had one with cherry coke? With Pepsi? With booze-infused white gummy bears? The possibilities are endless here. We’ll deliver the booze. You handle the creativity… Maybe even name a drink after yourself?

The Key to the Famous (Insert Name Here) Cocktail: Bear Creek Distillery Silver Rum

Dark and Stormy

What’s in a name? In this case… nothing. Dark and Stormy’s are best enjoyed in bright and sunny situations. Why do they call it a Dark and Stormy if there’s so much happiness in the drink? You’ll have to be the judge on that one. A fake scientific fact: Dark and Stormys amplify your body’s ability to take in Vitamin D from the sun.

Make the Sun Shine Brighter: The Kraken Black Spiced Rum

You are the master of your own destiny behind the bar. All it takes is a little practice! You can Be a Bartender… we’re just a means to an end. Open the Handoff app, discover your skills, and board the next train to Flavortown! With enough practice, we’re sure you’ll fit right in 😏

Of course… we all have lazy days. Even professional bartenders want to take the path of least resistance now and again. Conveniently, we have the perfect life hack to establish yourself as a cocktail magician without lifting a finger. Discover some canned cocktails from the brilliant brands below, pour over ice, and tell people you made them. (Disclaimer: Handoff does not condone lying to your friends… but what we don’t know won’t hurt us 😉)

The ultimate bonus: You don’t even need the Handoff app to get these canned cocktails delivered! You can order any of the products from the brands above directly from their website. Just drop your address, fill your cart, and boom. Canned cocktails delivered.