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8 Oktoberfest Beers You Have to Try This Fall

Cheers to October, the official start of autumn, and delivery options for some of the best Oktoberfest beers in the game. Since there won’t be an Oktoberfest celebration this year, get these beers delivered so you can have your own


(Photo: 4 Noses Brewing Company)

It’s common practice to crack into some seasonal brews from your favorite places. Oktoberfest is a festival held annually in Germany to celebrate German culture, heritage, and drink 10,000 delicious beers out of a boot.

Check out the Oktoberfest tab on the home page in the Handoff mobile app for more options (but trust us… these ones are the best) or click the plug-in in the bottom right corner of your screen where it says Delivery Here! Click 2 Drink and easily order any of these beers for delivery. The beer will autumn at your feet in sixty minutes or less. That feels wrong… autumn… fall… oh yeah! The beer will fall at your feet in sixty minutes or less. Anyway… check it autumn! (I think I have to work on that… obviously I don’t know what the word ‘autumn’ means).

Ska Brewing Oktoberfest German-Style Lager

$9.99 | 6-pack | 6.1% ABV

Described in 3 words: German Soul Mate

(P.S. Ska only brewed one big batch of this beer, and it’s flying off the shelves, so order up before it’s too late!)

Odell Brewing Oktoberfest Märzen Lager

$10.99 | 6-pack | 6.1% ABV

Described in 3 words: Warms you up

(Photo: Odell Brewing Co.)

Left Hand Brewing Oktoberfest

$10.99 | 6-pack | 6.6% ABV

Described in 3 words: Toasty, Malty, Clean

4 Noses Brewing Oktoberfest

$11.99 | 6-pack | 6.1% ABV

Described in 3 words: Crispy Leaf Crunchin’

Avery Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest Lager $10.99 | 6-pack | 8.0% ABV

Described in 3 words: Backbone of Autumn

Crooked Stave Festbier

$11.99 | 4-pack | 6% ABV

Described in 3 words: Listen to Polka

(Photo: Crooked Stave)

New Image NO-toberfest Marzen Lager

$11.99 | 4-pack | 5.6% ABV

Described in 3 words: Denver Oktoberfest Cancelled

Santa Fe Brewing Oktoberfest

$8.99 | 6-pack | 6.0% ABV

Described in 3 words: Put on Lederhosen

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