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8 Mouth-Watering Fall Favorite Beers

A selection of the perfect beers in our online liquor store for leaf crunchin’ season, courtesy of the beverage experts at Handoff. Happy Fall!

(Photo credit: Breckenridge Brewery)

When you think about it… there’s really no better time to get some quality drinking done than the fall. Weather just keeps happening, huh? Crazy how that works out. Fall… it means football. It means going out of your way to step on the crunchiest-looking leaves. It means pumpkin spice lattes. It means dusting off your old dirndl or lederhosen so you have the right look to drink an obscene amount of beer out of a thirty-two-ounce stein. It means we have some fresh beverage selections for sweater weather, light snow, and changing leaves. Don’t know about you, but at Handoff, we’re extremely stoked to finally rock hoodies again.

Below, you’ll find a list of some fall favorite beers to help you drink your way through the changing of the seasons.

Breckenridge Brewery Autumn Ale

$9.99 | 7% ABV

Breck Brew’s fall seasonal beer combines German-style malt flavors with American-style smoothness. You know… considering the name of the beer, you might want to crack a few of these bad boys for the autumnal equinox, which is when the sun is directly over the equator so the lengths of day and night are exactly the same…. This is convenient because this is a beer you can easily drink all day and all night without tiring of the gut-warming fall feeling it brings. P.S. The autumnal equinox is on September 22 this year, so get your hands on some Autumn Ales before you miss your chance to celebrate! 🍁🌞🍂

Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Sumpin'

$10.49 | 7.5% ABV

All the smoothness of a hefeweizen with the kick of an IPA, this beer is great for beer drinkers with any level of palatability. Last time our co-founder Caden Mackenzie drank a six pack of these bad boys by himself, we found him on a tractor in Greeley cutting his own corn maze. True story… 🚜🌽

Anyway, it’s basically the perfect fall beer, so we would strongly encourage giving it a try.

Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest

$10.49, 6-pack, 6.2% ABV

Created in collaboration with German brewers, this beer from Sierra Nevada is sure to give you the kick you need to drink out of a boot and dance on the table. Malty and golden, you won’t find many beers that fully capture the essence of the fall like Sierra Nevada’s Oktoberfest… However, there’s plenty of Oktoberfest-inspired beers that show up around this time of year, so stay tuned for our top selections!

(Photo credit: Sierra Nevada)

Avery Brewing The Reverend

$15.49, 6-pack, 10% ABV

During the fall, Coloradans typically begin to get extremely fired up for ski season. Usually to the point where we’re praying for snow on a nightly basis. Superstitiously speaking, we have a lot of options to make it snow. Sleeping with a spoon under your pillow and wearing your PJs inside out are among the most popular. But The Reverend is the most likely to answer your prayers for snow 🙏🏂 It’s shockingly smooth in spite of the high alcohol content, so if you drink two of these and head to bed early, you’re likely to wake up to snow on the ground. Hot damn! Or in this case… Cold Damn!

Great Divide HOSS

$9.99 | 6.2% ABV

A seasonal beer from Great Divide, The HOSS is based on the legendary Märzen lagers of Germany. If you look at this beer for too long it’s going to start talking to you. “Drink me...” it’ll say, “Drink me while you’re wearing lederhosen.” And all of a sudden you’ll find yourself decked out in some short, plaid overalls singing the German national anthem while you sip this refreshingly rich beer. 🎉

Crooked Stave IPA

$11.00 | 6% ABV

All about the hops… in more ways than one 🐇This hoppy, juicy beer from Crooked Stave will give you some extra hop in your step to stomp some crunchable leaves and crush some drinkable beers. Suck one of these puppies down your gullet on a crisp, sixty-degree, fall day and you’ll be bounding around town with more zip and fervor than you had when you were poolside sippin’ all summer.

(Photo Credit: Crooked Stave)

Denver Beer Co. Pretzel Assassin Amber Lager

$9.99 | 5% ABV

This Amber from Denver Beer Co has flown under the radar for far too long. It’s one of those beers that you have delivered, and it tastes exactly how it sounds. There’s something about it that really twists you into a variety of flavors (namely the flavor of a pretzel). Not to mention, it’s probably one of your best choices for casual sipping during Monday night football. Warning: do not drink while your legs are crossed, or you might end up in a bodily pretzel of your own.

Epic Brewing Escape to Colorado IPA

$10.49, 6-pack, 6.2% IPA

As Epic puts it, this beer is “a hoppy twist on the taste of freedom.” I mean… they made the beer, so how could that be wrong? It’s the ideal beer to order for the last-minute, summer-style mountain adventures you’re trying to squeeze in before it snows enough to start skiing. It’s an adventure beer. A beer to crack at the top of a Fourteener 🌄 A beer to sip while you stare at the vast Aspen groves as they change color. A beer to remember how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful state, and a beer to remind you that the adventures in Colorado truly never end.🌲🗻

If you’re like us, you know that every season is beer season. Fall, in particular, introduces a lot of seasonal beers that just hit different. Stay tuned for more selections as we move through the fall. The weather might be getting colder, but Handoff is at the ready to deliver the beers that’ll warm you up and get you in the groove for the fall!

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