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8 Awesome Beer Gadgets and The Brews To Go With 'Em

If you like beer, chances are you’ll also like these gadgets and gizmos invented by beer-lovers for beer-lovers.

Take the concept of cracking, pouring, drinking, enjoying a beer. It’s already so damn good, but there’s some brilliant and hilarious minds out there who sought to make it better. The gizmos, gadgets, doohickeys, knick-knacks, trinkets, or whatever other label you might want to slap on these inventions, have added an extra dollop of novelty to your beer drinking excursions. Some more practical than others, these gadgets will have you frothing for a frothy.

The beverage experts @handofftech spent some time messing around with the gizmos on the list below, and discovered the perfect beers to use to test out your new, practically impractical beer toys. Have a look! If you like beer, we can almost guarantee you’ll discover something you dig on this list.

Bonus: A lot of these thingamajigs make great novelty gifts, so regardless of the occasion, a gift from Handoff paired with one of these all-time classic inventions can make any beer-lovers day.

Let’s investigate some beer-drinking whatchamacallits (That’s a good one) in no particular order because, let’s be honest, everyone likes something a little different.

🍻 Bierstick Beer Bong Snorkel

Sometimes you feel a bit more inclined to drink a bit faster. This device enables you to do just that. It’s hilarious, but we would encourage you not to use this as an actual snorkel. You might end up swallowing a lot of seawater, and that just ain’t good for you.

Best Beer To Snorkel: Bud Light

🏋🏽‍♂️ Barbell Beer Glass

This takes the term “12 oz. curls” to the most literal level. It’s massively convenient for those of you who are usually torn between having a workout or having a beer on a Friday afternoon. This way, you get the best of both worlds.

Best Beer to Lift: Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout (Heavy Beer for Heavy Lifting 😉 )

😎 Collapsible Beer Table... On a Spike

Days at the park just got a whole lot better. Stick this thing in the grass, and you’ve got two great can or bottle holders, a bottle opener, and a sweet little snack station. Lawn chairs sold separately.

Best Beer for a Park Day: Station 26 Juicy Banger IPA

🧲 Magnetic Fridge Bottle Holder

Not everyone has a separate fridge for their beer, so it would make sense to have a reason to free up some extra space. This gizmo places magnets on the ceiling of your fridge, so you can keep your beers chilled and free up some space for… more beer?

Best Beer for your Fridge Ceiling: Corona Bottles

🤠 Leather Beer Holster

Welcome back to the Wild West. Except no more gun-slingin’. Only beer-slingin’. Not to mention, this invention makes “Hold my beer” moments borderline obsolete. Quick-Draw McGraw got one of these and renamed himself Quick Drew MyBrew. The rootinest, tootinest beer-slinger in the Wild West. That could be you...

Best Beer for Slingin: New Belgium Wild Ride Amber

🐸 Frog Can Crusher

Crushin’ cans is never a bad idea. Save space in your recycling bin, and have a good time doing it! And just to add a bit of flare to the process, this friendly amphibian exists purely to add satisfaction to every can you cronch, smoosh, smash, or squish!

Best Beer for Cronchin’: Odell Good Behavior Crushable IPA

👓 Mustache Straw Glasses

Drinking beer from a straw has always been frowned upon… until now. This doohickey is ideal for any situation where you want to add a little flare to your consumption method. The craziest of crazy straws, this is a straw that starts from your beer and winds all the way around some goofy glasses before it gets to your mouth… and as if these weren’t already cool enough, there’s a mustache on the mouth piece. You just became the coolest person in the room.

Best Beer for Messaroundery: Epic Los Locos Mexican Lager

📏 Yard of Beer Glass

This one is simple, timeless, and everything a beer drinker could ever want. An extra long, one-yard glass. Since it holds more than one, you’ll probably want to stick to light beer. Good to drink in your front yard, backyard or on a football field so you can make use out of imminently terrible puns about ‘yards.’

Best Beer for Yards: Coors Light

We hope these widgets, contraptions, whatchamacallits, knickknacks, gimcracks and whatnots help you discover a few ridiculous new approaches to knocking back a beer or two. If you happen to invent or discover any other knickknacks we might have missed, email cheers@handofftech.com and you’ll probably make our day. Also if you manage to find any word besides ‘knickknack’ that’s spelled with a double ‘K’ in the middle, please educate us on that as well. Enjoy your beers a little differently!