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7 Perfect Snack & Drink Pairings for Watching Sports

Time to go pro in sports-watching. Here are some classic game day munchies and their ideal beer pairings. Discover a new level of snacking courtesy of the beverage experts at Handoff.

So you want to talk about SEX?

Just kidding, but that got your attention, eh?

We want to talk about something almost as great as sex… pairing food and booze for the big game!

There are so many classically delicious dishes we make for any game day. Tailgating, the Super Bowl, or whatever sports happen to be airing on a given weekend. If you’re making an event out of it, you can level up your hosting with these phenomenal drink and food combinations, strategically whipped together by the beverage experts here at Handoff.

We know there are so many things you might be cheffin’ up for whatever game you’re watching, so we tried to narrow it down to the all-time classic sports foods. Have a bite, have a sip, and DISCOVER the perfect drinks to match your snacks. All drinks below are available for delivery via the Handoff app.

Buffalo Chicken Wings <> Labatt Blue Canadian Pilsner

Invented in Buffalo, NY, chicken wings are a go-to for anyone watching any sport anywhere in the world. They have become one of the most popular forms of pub grub, which means beer is usually involved. In order to pay tribute to the fantastic snack’s origins, it makes sense to pair it with a classically Buffalonian beer (even though it’s technically Canadian).

Chips & Guac <> Ratio Beerworks Rooftops Mexican Lager

It’s no shock that a traditionally Mexican snack would be paired with a Mexican lager. But there’s more to it. Picture yourself dipping a chip into some freshly-made guac. The salt from the chip sticks to your lips… you lick your lips for that extra bit of salt and then take a swig of this lager. A hint of salt combined with any Mexican lager is good… but with the Rooftops Lager it becomes great.

Buttered Popcorn <> Ska Brewing True Blonde Ale

The perfect under-the-radar, seemingly-counterintuitive combination you might ever chuck in your mouth is right here. Imagine a little bit of crunch, and a sleek and smooth beverage to wash it down. Unlike other pairings, this combination is built to be consumed all at once. The intermingling of the popcorn and a smooth blonde ale should be the most talked-about thing since people found out you can mix pop rocks and soda without your head exploding. But it’s not… so when you discover this new combination of flavors, we promise whatever sport you’re watching will be a whole lot more entertaining with this simple yet explosive one-two punch of flavors.

Nachos <> New Belgium Voodoo Ranger IPA

There are certain sporting events that just naturally make you sweat, but adding nachos into the mix makes it a guarantee. If you’re like us, you like your nachos with a little extra kick. That level of spice that lingers for a little while. Most IPAs have complex enough notes to dull the level of spice you get on your first bite. However, when it comes to nachos, the Voodoo Ranger has flavor to perfectly equalize every bite, so no matter how spicy you want to go, every bit becomes just as good as the last courtesy of this beer from New Belgium.

Pigs in a Blanket <> Bierstadt Helles Lager

“Helles” translates to light, so it makes sense to have a drink that will balance your intake of a snack that might sit a little heavier in your gut. There’s something so darn satisfying about eating hot dogs, or in this case, ‘pigs,’ while watching sports, but don’t you think it’d be nice to level up that satisfaction with a light beer with a slightly malty kick? We sure do.

Pepperoni Pizza <> Coors Light

This pairing needs little to no explanation. Pizza and beer are like the Brady and Gronk of snack and liquid pairings. They were just meant to be together. A nice greasy slice of pepperoni pizza can only be made better with the simple, yet powerful flavor of a classic favorite. It’s inarguable that this combo is about as close to downright perfection as Betty White’s anti-aging routine. Both are about 100 years old, so I guess that simile holds up pretty well.

Loaded Fries <> Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPA

Flavor overload. The only thing you won’t find on some loaded fries is beer. But that’s because it would likely make them a bit soggy, so it makes sense to have a little thing on the side. The smooth flavor of this Hazy matches up great with each super impactful bite of fries. You know when the puck is bouncing around in front of the opposing team’s net in a hockey game? That’s the bit of fries. When someone closes their eyes and sends it cookin’ into the top right corner? That’s the sip of beer after every bite. A full plate and a full beer? That’s a lot of goals.

Our hope is to shake up your game day routine with the perfect beer and snack pairing. If you have any classic game-day snacks you need a beer pairing for, shoot us an email at cheers@handofftech.com and we’ll send over your match.

For other drink pairings, pop into the Handoff app and have a gander at the “Things to try” section in the marketplace. Here, you will discover the ideal beverages to pair with your mood, activity, and even simple suggestions to cure a hangover.

Cheers to new discoveries!