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7 Easy Drinking Games for Small Gatherings and Big Fun

Game on! Here are some of our favorite drinking games for the small gatherings you’ve been having to curb your cabin fever. And of course, drink suggestions for each game.

We’ve noticed that there isn’t exactly a socially acceptable way to have a big party these days…. But that’s ok! Just because you aren’t having a ton of people over doesn’t mean you have to let the fun subside and resort to drinking wine and watching reality TV. It means you have an opportunity to explore some new games, create new kinds of fun, and laugh hysterically with some of your closest friends. Each game is great for friends of all ages above 21, so, in the words of the Workaholics, “Let’s get weird!”

Below, you’ll find some of our favorite drinking games for small gatherings along with some drink suggestions for each game. If you walk in to Handoff HQ at 10:00 a.m. on a Tuesday morning, chances are you’ll find us playing one of these games and calling it a ‘brainstorming session.’ You may have played some of these games before… but there’s definitely some you haven’t even heard of because we made them up. Game on!

📱 App Games to Download 📱


One of the more popular mobile-based drinking games, Piccolo is perfect for small gatherings.

Premise: Truth or Dare meets Cards Against Humanity meets Never Have I Ever meets beer in your mouth.

Rules: Simply enter the names of everyone in the room, and the app will generate rules, questions, and instructions that’ll challenge your mind and keep the drinks flowing! This game is centered around drinking, so lighter beverages are encouraged.

Drink Suggestion for Picolo: Upslope Craft Lager

Get Laughs

Prep your gullet for some drinking!

Premise: Similar to Picolo, this game generates rules in a “Drink if you…” style.

Rules: Just swipe through the cards and drink if it applies to you! For example: “Drink if you’ve ever been told you look like a celebrity,” or “Drink if you’ve ever been hit on by a parent you’re babysitting for.” This is a great game because, more often than not, each card not only makes someone drink, but also gears everyone up for a great story. So…. Drink if you’re ready to play! This game is also pretty reliant on booze, so a lighter beverage is in your best interest.

Drink Suggestion for Get Laughs: Crooked Stave Von Pilsner


An app created by Ellen Degeneres, this game will bring out your favorite inside jokes in the form of slick wit.

Premise: This game implements the names of your friends into absurd questions like “If Jake were a roller coaster, what would his name be?”Everyone plays individually on their own phone by entering a code into the app. The only downside to this one is that everyone has to download the app.

Rules: When a question is asked, everyone writes in an answer which is then anonymously submitted. You vote on your favorite answer, and the player with the most votes wins the round. This game is not reliant on booze to make it fun, but a few glasses of wine will definitely limber up your mind to make it extra funny.

Drink Suggestion for Psych!: Bota Box Pinot Noir

Heads Up!

Another app developed by Ellen Degeneres (obviously she loves games just as much as we do), this is a game of circumlocution. Circumlocution is the deliberate use of many words where few would suffice.

Premise: One person holds the phone to their forehead where it displays words and phrases to the other players.

Rules: Describe the word or phrase that pops up on the screen without rhyming or saying any of the words.

For example, the screen might say “Pinnochio” and you could describe it as “a real boy whose nose grows when he lies.” If the player holding the phone guesses the word on the screen they tilt the phone down and earn a point. This is a great game for just a couple drinks because if you have too many, everyone will be screaming at you while you struggle to think.

Drink Suggestion for Heads Up: Station 26 Juicy Banger IPA

📝 Pen and Paper Games 📝

Cardboard Quarters

What you need: a pen, some cardboard, and a quarter.

Premise: Flip a quarter and get creative to make your friends drink and do ridiculous things

Rules: Players take turns flipping the quarter onto the piece of cardboard. In the first round, everyone makes a reasonably-sized circle with their name in it. Then players continue to take turns flipping the quarter onto the cardboard. If it lands on someone’s name, that person drinks. If it lands in an empty space, the player who flipped the quarter is tasked with creating a new rule in that space.

For example, you may land in some free space and draw a big square around the quarter. Inside you might write “Go under the table until your next turn,” or “Pick a player to drink.” It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s competitive… just be wary because it’s unpredictable and you might end up drinking more than you bargained for!

Drink Suggestion for Cardboard Quarters: Colorado Native Mtn Pass Pilsner

🎣 Fishbowl

What you need: Paper, pen, large bowl, a 60-second timer

Premise: A fun mix of describing words or phrases and charades.

Rules: Have everyone write down 5-10 words or phrases on different small pieces of paper. All words and phrases can be absolutely anything and are then placed in a large bowl.

Separate into two teams. Players are only allowed to skip one word or phrase when it’s their turn, and that word or phrase must be placed back into the bowl.

Round 1: Start the timer, and a player from team 1 will grab a word from the bowl. They then describe the word or phrase as quickly as possible without saying the word or rhyming with anything. Team members guess the word or phrase, and each correct guess results in a point. You then set aside the correct bits of paper. After a minute, the amount of correct guesses determines the amount of points received by the describing team. Play is then transferred to team 2, and they do the same thing. Teams alternate play until the bowl is empty.

Round 2: Place all of the words or phrases back into the bowl. Start the timer. The team with fewer points at the end of round 1 begins. In this round, the player describing the word/phrases is only allowed to use one single word. The players will be familiar with the words in the bowl, so if you choose your single word wisely, your teammates should get it. For example, if the bit of paper reads “moose” you might say “antlers” as a describing word. Each correct guess from your teammates results in a point for your team. Play alternates between teams until the bowl is empty again.

Round 3: Place all bits of paper back in the bowl. Start the timer. The player drawing words is not allowed to speak. In charades fashion, the player must act out each word or phrase and go through as many as they can in 60 seconds.

End: Add up all the points for each team from each round, and the team with the highest number of correct guesses across all three rounds is the winner.

Drink Suggestion for Fish Bowl: Odell Oktoberfest Märzen Lager

The Game of Things

A game of hilarious deception for any and everyone. If you want, there’s also an x-rated version called “Nasty Things,” but we’ve noticed the original version tends to get a bit more creatively x-rated.

What You’ll Need: Just buy the game online here.

Premise: Similar to Psych! But less personal, this game is for outwitting other players by strategically submitting answers to funny questions.

Rules: Distribute one small piece of paper to each player. Draw one of the category cards. It might read something like “Things Tarzan would say to Jane…” Each player writes their answer on their piece of paper and submits to the reader. One person is designated to be the reader each round, so there’s no controversy or cheating in regards to handwriting. Once everyone has submitted their answer, including the reader, the reader reads all of the answers out loud. The person to the reader’s left then has to guess who wrote which answer. If they get it right, they get to guess another answer. If they get it wrong, the person to their left has a chance to guess. Guessing continues until only one answer remains. Whoever’s answer was the last one wins the round. The person to the left of the reader becomes the reader for the next round!

(This game doesn’t require drinking, so we always go for some steady sippin’ to keep the creative gears turning!)

Drink Suggestion for The Game of Things: Great Divide HOSS Oktoberfest

There you have it! Hopefully these games will add some laughs and excitement to your next small gathering. Any of the drink suggestions are available for delivery in the Handoff mobile app. Game on!