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Handoff is the best alcohol delivery service in Denver

The future of alcohol delivery

Handoff beer delivery denver

Handoff is a voice-first application that allows you to place on-demand beer, wine, and liquor delivery orders with your Amazon Alexa, Google Home, iPhone, or Android. Handoff partners with the top local liquor stores in your area, who then process your order for delivery depending on your location. 

With Handoff, alcohol delivery orders can be made passively, rapidly, and conveniently with nothing but a simple audible request. Ask Handoff for specific products, request a recommendation, or order weekly specials. Check out our Try Asking This page to learn more about what Handoff can do. 

The future of alcohol delivery has arrived.

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Fast Delivery 

Beer, wine, and liquor delivered straight to your door in 60 minutes or less

No Upcharges

Flat $5 delivery fee  for any order.

Order Anything

Access to over 15,000 products

"Alexa, open Handoff"

"Hey Google, talk to Handoff"

beer delivery denver

"Recommend a cabernet under $20."

Try asking this...

wine delivery denver with Handoff


What Cities is Handoff in?

Handoff currently has on-demand delivery available in Metro Denver and some parts of the Greater Denver area. We are quickly expanding to other markets. Stay tuned! Not sure if we can reach you? Go ahead and open our app to see if you are in range. · "Alexa, open handoff" · “Hey Google, talk to Handoff”

What devices does Handoff operate on?

How much is the delivery fee?

There is a flat $5 delivery fee applied to each order. This fee helps offset the costs of delivery for your favorite local liquor retailers.

Can I use Handoff on mobile AND Alexa/Google Home?

Yes, Handoff is available for registration on multiple devices. You have the ability to register for Handoff on any mobile device via the Google Assistant app. This does not have any effect on your Alexa or Google Home smart speaker registration. The Handoff voice application is available for use from absolutely anywhere!

Is alcohol marked up on Handoff?

Handoff does not mark up or up-charge products. The prices you receive with Handoff are the exact same as if you were to walk into one our partner retail locations.

What are Handoff's operating hours?

Handoff's hours are based on the delivery hours of our retail partners. Retail partners will be fulfilling and delivering your order. Store hours for your local retailer can be found by asking "Handoff, what are your hours?"

What can I ask Handoff?

Handoff is very conversational and is always ready to get you your desired beverage(s). You can make simple requests, ask for recommendations & specials, or even ask for assistance. Check out some examples of things you can say here.

Can I have Handoff deliver to my current location if I am not at my home address?

Current location delivery is available exclusively through the Handoff for mobile skill via the Google Assistant app. From your iPhone or Android, simply state that you would like delivery to your current location when prompted.

To enable Handoff on mobile, download the Google Assistant app and say:
"Talk to Handoff"




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